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AMF Optical Solutions LLC,. is a manufacturer of standard and custom optical components built to military or commercial specifications. Our goal is to provide high precision optics delivered on time and at a competitive price.

Lily, a Muppet on "Sesame Street," has been given a storyline about homelessness in new online videos and resources to raise awareness around youth homelessness. She is the first Muppet to be portrayed as homeless.

Where are the Wang Word Processors and IBM PCs now? Well, the same place that the iPod, iPhone and iPad will be shortly. We should be planning for change...

EDR Group provided benefit-cost and economic impact analysis, along with technical advisory services on three winning applications for the US Department of...

Organic Vines Antique Band Starting at $475 This high detail, vintage inspired band is reminiscent of an heirloom ring passed down through the generations. Small leaves and scrolling vines embellish this band in an eternity style against a dark background to enhance the smaller details. This band is created with a low

Beloved Dunkin' coffee brings robust, roasty notes to this balanced and smooth coffee porter. This porter is our tribute to all the days that Dunkin' has helped us fire up the brew kettle.

"We tend to think of homelessness as an adult issue and don't always look at it through the lens of a child," says Sherrie Westin, president of global impact and philanthropy for Sesame Workshop.

We’ve just published the latest editions of Celent’s anti-money laundering vendor evaluation reports. After going through the 16 transaction moni…

General Manager Luis Ramirez will be replaced by Steve Poftak, who's currently vice chair of the MBTA Fiscal and Management Control Board.

Some 48,000 students returned to class this week for the first time since the earthquake. Even before the quake, the school system had wrestled with tumult.

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Sure, this tribute to Cher has a few good ideas, some wonderful moments, two outstanding performances and all the songs you'd expect, but what it's sorely missing is a 'raison d'etre.'

A no-confidence vote in British Prime Minister Theresa May Wednesday threw U.K. politics deeper into crisis and Brexit further into doubt.

We are pleased that former Pioneer Institute Research Director Steve Poftak has been named the next General Manager of the MBTA. While at Pioneer, Steve oversaw and directly authored a high-quality portfolio of research that spanned from transportation and infrastructure to pension and other state and local post-employment liabilities. Pioneer has long been committed to advancing …

Scott Stransky, assistant vice president and director of emerging risk modeling, AIR Worldwide, said evolving cyberrisk models canchr(39)t predict the next breach.

Teacher question
I hope and pray that you write about or repost regarding state reading assessments. I just received a call from a frantic academic coach stating that her principal has told her teachers to look at our state test’s achievement level descriptors and create test-based questions aligned to those levels to ask when immersing students in literature and informational texts. Is this a good use of their time? Isn’t it really all about the text as wells as students’ knowledge of the…

Google CEO Sundar Pichai’s three-hour appearance before the US House Judiciary Committee yesterday left us largely none the wiser, besides confirming how clueless most politicians are on technology.

More about Patek Philippe 5522A-001 Pilot Calatrava Steel "New York" Limited Edition
This is a stainless steel Patek Philippe Pilot Calatrava 5522A-001. It has a calfskin leather strap with a stainless steel Patek Philippe clevis prong tang buckle that commemorates the buckles on RAF survival kits, and a scratch resistant sapphire crystal. It has a screw down winding crown with the Calatrava logo, and a screw…

NEW YORK (PRWEB) December 11, 2018
Republica Havas, one of America’s leading and fastest-growing multicultural creative, media, and communications agencies, was named one of PR News’ 2018 Top Pla

US officials believe the attack on Marriott’s Starwood hotel group could be part of a wider Chinese government effort to root out American spies.

Two senior-level marketing executives are leaving Under Armour following a decree against strip club visits on corporate cards.

The British prime minister toured European capitals Tuesday, meeting with leaders and looking for some way to shore up support back home for her imperiled agreement on Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union.

From walking meditation to CBD oil to passionflower.

A new study raises questions about whether screen time is affecting the structure of children’s brains.

The best way to stay healthy is to never get sick in the first place, but of course that is easier said than done ; ) The good news is that we have thousands of years of tried and true Ayurvedic remedies and lifestyle routines that can help you stay healthy during the cold & flu season... Many of them are quite simple, yet severely underutilized in our Western based culture, which I why I want to share a few of them with…

The president said he's not concerned about the possibility: "It’s hard to impeach somebody who hasn’t done anything wrong."

President Trump threatened a government shutdown in a heated meeting with Democratic leaders over the border wall with Mexico.

TUALATIN, Ore. (AP) — Rosa Villarreal’s three young sons jumped and ran around the field of Christmas trees like jackrabbits, their excitement palpable as they...