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Some six months after Johnny Huntsman's passing, his Johnny's Pizza House family is hoping to honor his memory by joining the fight against the disease that took his life, Alzheimer's.

Notice I’m not saying “loving” your body. Because honestly, I believe it’s unrealistic to love everything about ourselves, all the time.

While it might seem like stigma could motivate someone to lose weight, studies have linked it to a likelihood of overeating.

Richlands, Virginia Huddle House Serves Up Record-Breaking Opening Week

“When it was proclaimed that the Library contained all books, the first impression was one of extravagant happiness,” wrote Jorge Luis Borges in his classic of philosophical fiction, &#…

Open House is the perfect time to get acquainted with the library, its services, and staff.

What to keep and what to give away when organizing your bookshelf. Donating books doesn't have to be a terrifying experience.

Best Boy: A Novel by Eli Gottlieb Published:8/24/2015 by Liveright ISBN: 9781631490477 “What happens when someone on the autism spectrum grows up, and they aren’t a cute little boy anymore? Gottlieb’s novel follows the story of Todd Aaron, a man in his fifties who has spent most of his life a resident of the Payton …

Classic literature elicits a lot of complaints: “It’s boring!” “Nothing cool happens!” “None of that stuff has any bearing on my life!” “It’s so dry!” “Wait, she DIES? Why did I