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BROOKLYN, NY—Six months after going out of business as Sherelle’s Salon, a closed storefront in the rapidly gentrifying neighborhood of Crown Heights was on the verge of emerging from its chrysalis as a beautiful gastropub, sources confirmed Tuesday. “It’s so exciting to watch the transformation—I’ve been peeking through the papered-over windows, and bit by bit you can see a cute little spot for creative comfort food…

New research from a BYU and Chevron Phillips team could help open doors to tackle “grand challenges in catalysis chemistry.”

Univar Canada Ltd., a subsidiary of Univar Inc. (NYSE: UNVR) ("Univar"), a global chemical and ingredient distributor and provider of value-added services, along with Boss Lubricants, announced an...

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Despite stringent rationing of water, city officials say Cape Town could run completely dry as soon as July, which would make it the first major city in the world to do so. What do you think?

STEP 1: Find a simple thing to make more complicated.