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Propane industry looking to capitalize on momentum gained last year as incentives, product availability continues to improve.

The Propane Energy Pod is a model for new homes that uses five applications of propane — space heating, water heating, cooking, fireplaces, and clothes drying.

H&S Bakery, a Baltimore-based provider of hearth-baked goods, recently unveiled a fleet of alternatively fueled vehicles powered by propane autogas. “We want our customers and community to know that we…

Propane autogas might more appropriately be called propane vehicle fuel because it is just as capable of powering commercial trucks and buses as it is the family car. However, it has yet to reach widespread use in the U.S., even though it is tremendously popular elsewhere in the world. All that could change, however, according to a just-released study by ICF International for the National Propane Gas Assn

Blossman Services is waiting on final governmental approval for a “blended fuel” system that injects varying amounts of propane autogas to replace diesel fuel in heavy duty truck engines.

A Central Illinois school district is going green, with 10 new propane buses.

GROWMARK ranked as the fifth largest propane retailer in the United States by LP Gas Magazine with sales of over 211 million retail gallons of propane during 2016.

Smith Gas Liquids Company is an independent wholesale propane supplier, located in Michigan, serving North America.

Summer isn’t over yet, but propane industry officials say it’s already time to start thinking about propane supplies for the coming winter.

We provide affordable, efficient and clean-burning propane for all of your residential, commercial and agricultural needs.

Propane is a three-carbon alkaline gas but can be compressed into liquid form, allowing it to easily be stored and transported. Residential applications include fueling grills, stoves, water heaters and generators. In the commercial and industrial sector, it is used as fuel for certain vehicles and refrigeration, ...

Your farming customers need to know about propane irrigation motors.

If the government is serious about implementing a greener energy policy for the future, it should take a closer look at fuelling vehicles with propane.

One day I noticed that the humble Propane or LPG gas bottle is pretty much an exact large-scale version of a Lego Mini-fig head. So I decided to cheer up my BBQ

Our plans are perfectly designed to give you simple and manageable payments throughout the year.

Scientists use genetic engineering to create renewable, clean-burning propane. Such a biofuel could complement dwindling supplies of fossil fuel, currently the only source of propane.