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Artificial intelligence having an impact on the way we work is inevitable and already in full force. But what does AI at work actually look like today? And where can we expect it to go in future?

Many Americans have altered the way they invest, file tax returns, work jobs and even receive pay in recent years. See the major trends.

A year after the remaining Toys R Us stores closed in late June 2018, there are reports that a new company is planning new stores and a website.

The next 10 years could look vastly different for Facebook than the past decade if lawmakers get their way.

Changes under Trump's tax reform put a new limit on the casualty losses that can be claimed on a federal tax return after a major storm.

Two studies suggest automated systems in vehicles could create confusion about their features among drivers.

Stocks dropped over 6% last month — their worst May since 2010. That sour stretch looks like perfect proof of the old adage, “Sell in May and go away." But is it?

As people's finances improved following the Great Recession, here's what happened to their IQs when it came to money.

(Bloomberg) -- Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates banks may have their annual revenue estimates cut by one or two percentage points for every 25 basis basis point decline in U.S. interest rates, according to Bloomberg Intelligence.A 25 basis point cut in U.S. rates will pull down the net interest

(Bloomberg) -- When top national security officials from Russia, Israel and the U.S. gather for a rare summit starting Monday, the focus will be on the country not in the room: Iran.Amid rising regional tensions, the meeting is a critical opportunity to hash out how they view the future of Iran’s presence

(Bloomberg) -- China has the strength and patience to withstand the trade war, and will fight to the end if the U.S. administration persists with it, China’s state-run People’s Daily said in an editorial Saturday.The U.S. must drop all tariffs imposed on China if it wants to negotiate on trade, and only

Canopy Growth (CGC) stock took a dive today after reporting larger per-share loss along with the caveat that its impending merger with Acreage Holdings (ACRGF) would strike a blow to its 2020 earnings.Cannabis adviser Evan Eneman, CEO of MGO-ELLO Alliance, isn't worried, and says such results should

(Reuters) - Autonomous vehicle technology company Velodyne Lidar has hired bankers for an initial public offering, Business Insider reported on Saturday, citing sources familiar with the process
The San Jose, California-based company is working with Bank of America Merrill Lynch, Citigroup Inc, Royal Bank of Canada, and William Blair for a potential IPO, the report said
Velodyne is looking to surpass its private valuation of $1.8…

Daimler must recall 60,000 Mercedes diesel cars in Germany after regulators found that they were fitted with software aimed at distorting emissions tests, the Transportation Ministry said on Saturday. Daimler confirmed that the recall was ordered on Friday but said that it would appeal against the decision

Comedian Jason Jones looks back at how patience and hard work got him to where he is today.