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Implant-supported fixed bridges are growing in popularity because they offer superior support to traditional bridges or dentures. They can also improve bone health thanks to the affinity between bone cells and the implants' titanium posts.Even so, you'll still need to stay alert to the threat of per

★★★★★ I had a consultation on Monday and had my procedure done today (Friday). The staff was so friendly and patient. They were some of the best medical staff I’ve ever worked with! They answered all of my questions. I was very nervous and they offer a small amount of Valium (at no additional charge) to help calm nerves before the procedure. It was so nice to meet with Dr. Maw before the procedure to discuss any additional questions or concerns. He was…

Understanding cholesterol and why it's good and bad for you is a common but important question. Certain foods like meat, eggs, dairy and some oils create excess cholesterol in your body. Here's what to eat to keep your cholesterol in check.

Address : 9549 Montgomery Rd #100, Montgomery, OH 45242
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When you stop to think about it, the healthcare happenings of 2018 had some of the main elements of a great superhero movie. There was conflict—think healthcare professionals and the increasing EHR burden.

Enhance Doctor-Patient Discussions in the Exam Room. Enrich the exam room experience with a tailored, interactive solution branded by your practice.

★★★★★ Excellent place to go to. Very straight forward and very friendly! Very quick procedure and very happy with the results.

★★★★★ Dr. Greenburg and his staff were amazing and very knowledgeable. It was a great experience. Answered a lot of questions.. The procedure felt like 5 secs. No issues or problems.

Regardless of where you are in your cancer journey, here are some exercises that can be done indoors. It’s important to remember that before you try any exercise, you need to check with your cancer doctor first.

What's your favorite winter sport? For some, it's all about swooshing down a snowy trail on skis, a board, or a sled. For others, the main attraction is skating at an ice rink or a frozen pond. If you're more of an indoors athlete, you may enjoy a fast-moving game of basketball or a round of squash

If you flip over your shoes, you can tell a lot about your health. How? The patterns of wear on the bottoms of your shoes mean different things. Your walking stride creates the foot pattern or pattern of wear on the bottom of your shoe.

When the multi-platinum recording artist, songwriter and TV personality Jason Derulo was recently asked about his ideal woman, his answer covered a remarkably broad spectrum. "There’s no specific thing," he said, "so I think it’s unfair to say what my ‘type’ is

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! This season, we've been pausing to celebrate Moments of Mercy. Today, we pause for the biggest celebration of all — the birth of Jesus.

When it's time to "get your eyes checked," make sure you are seeing the right eye care professional for your needs. Ophthalmologists, optometrists and opticians each play an important role in providing eye care to consumers. But the levels of training and expertise are quite different for each type of provider. Here's a quick look at the three types of eye care providers
An ophthalmologist — Eye M.D. — is a medical or osteopathic doctor who specializes in eye and vision care.…

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This course is designed to help mental health professionals navigate ethics and the law regarding documentation.