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Are you embarrassed by your front teeth? Maybe it’s just moderate defects—a chipped tooth here, an irregularly shaped tooth there—but it’s enough to make you less confident to smile.There are a number of ways to transform your teeth’s appearance like porcelain veneers o

Looking for the best outfit for 4th of July this year? Find everything you need to add a little sparkle to your outfit when you shop Goodwill.

Ohio Valley Goodwill was proud to be a partner organization with other agencies in the Greater Cincinnati community in the 2018 Stand Down event which also marked the successful completion of the 45 Day Challenge. The Cincinnati 45 Day Challenge is a local version of a national initiative to provide housing for 45 Veterans in …

Register on the Lil' Cats website www.deerparklilcats.org and set up 4 payment installments.
***Once again, half must be paid by equipment handout, with the balance paid in full by weigh in.***

Make it a family tradition to celebrate Independence Day with neighbors and friends at the Montgomery July 3rd concert and July 4th Parade and Festival. Kick off this year’s celebration with the p…

Man Heading to Jail For Posting Ex-Girlfriend's Info On Prostitution Site

Most of us know we need to wear sunscreen, but knowing what SPF level to wear can be a bit trickier. Learn more about SPF levels, including if a higher SPF is better and how SPF protects your skin.

Not long ago I was ask to compare current sentiment data provided by the American Association of Individual Investors with the market sent...

The Planning Commission approved a Final Development Plan for Phase 7 of the Vintage Club on May 21, 2018. This approval is for the public improvements in the village section as well as for two of…

We are a Catholic healthcare ministry serving Ohio and Kentucky. With more than 34,000 employees, 22 hospitals and hundreds of practice locations, we’re one of the largest healthcare systems in the country. At each one of our more than 450 points of care, we deliver high-quality, compassionate care with one united purpose: to help our patients be well in mind, body and spirit.

In contrast to the positive domestic returns, international markets experienced losses in May. We dive in deeper in our monthly investment commentary for June, 2018.