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Every 65 seconds, someone develops Alzheimer's, which means more and more people need to be know what's coming.

Team FJI is at it again with a remix of our very popular #GetAMammoToo video during Breast Cancer Awareness Month! This video features our friend Hunter from...

Chicago pediatric doctors warned Monday that everyone over 6 months should get the flu shot before Halloween.

Do you have a bunion or a hammertoe? Get treatment and get relief from the team at Heartland Foot and Ankle Associates.

Walking through Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center, you may hear the bubbly sounds of a ukulele floating lightly down the hall. That's thanks to 47-year-old Narciso Lobo, or "Seeso" as he is called, who is on a mission to bring a smile to patients' faces with the power of a cheerful song.

Before you say anything bad about these cupcakes, have you tried my chocolate covered sweet potato chips yet? Because if you have then you know I know a thing or two about desserts – just sayin’. I’ve been wanting to put beets in my dessert for a while now, seeing as they pair so well with chocolate. …

Tickets are sold in Dooley Park, the park is located two blocks NE of the Haunted House. There is a free hayrack ride that will take you to / from Dooley Park. Free parking is adjacent to the park
The Downs Haunted House offers a Lights-on UnHaunted version for our younger goblins. The 2018 UnHaunted Haunted House will be on Sunday, October 28th from 1:00 PM – 3:00 PM. (All activities for this date are at the haunted house (no activities in Dooley…

WALK TO END ALZHEIMER'S With Ashley Williams AND Nikki DeLoach NOVEMBER 3, 2018 L.A. ZOO, Los Angeles, California To Sign Up Today, Go to

Driving healthy growth at Smoothie King with a wellness-centric message

Uncover how a popular food craze can cause serious injuries for both consumers and handlers.

The new breastfeeding pod at Soldier Field was designed to give moms the chance to attend games without having to worry about privacy when they needed it most.

Maine East High School in Park Ridge hosted Monday Night Lights, in collaboration with Advocate Health Care and the Chicago Bears, which included a "pink pep rally" to support breast cancer awareness Monday, Sept. 24. The event featured something for everyone. People check out the large inflatable pink chair at Maine East during Monday Night Lights. Park Ridge Knights, Des Plaines Jr. Warriors and Elmwood Park…

You may think a low carbohydrate diet is healthy, but a new study says otherwise -- with caveats.

You’ve seen it at the coffee shop and in the aisles at the grocery store. A dietitian weighs in on the annual fall trend.

Team FJI challenges YOU to join us in ACTION for Prostate Cancer Awareness. Post a video of your own 10 Pushups and share it with us or tag us. One video cre...

There is a blood test to check for the disease, but the benefits may not outweigh the risks.

Research shows learning alternatives to flavoring our food can help manage a low-sodium diet.

Shedding pounds can be difficult at any age. Turns out, the first few hours of the day may hold the most promise for success. Try these tips... before noon.

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we're taking the Pushup Challenge. Join us on Facebook 9/18 - 9/21 - upload your own video, share it with us or tag us an...

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month and we're taking the Pushup Challenge. Join us on Facebook 9/18 - 9/21 - upload your own video, share it with us or tag us an...

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This week's 'Innovation In Medicine' is all about a technology that's making the preparation for breast surgery easier for women. Jane Monzures is learning how seed localization works and how it's made a difference for patients. We also meet a woman who says utilizing this technology improved her surgery experience.

A lactation suite is now available at Soldier Field for moms to have a private space to nurse or use a breast pump at the stadium.

Susan Okuno-Jones ’86
BLOOMINGTON, Ill. — Susan Okuno-Jones ’86 will be honored with the Illinois Wesleyan University School of Nursing ’s "Distinguished Alumna Award for Excellence in Nursing" during Homecoming 2018 festivities, in acknowledgement of her leadership and innovation within the nursing field
She will deliver her keynote address “Don’t Forget Your WHY” on Saturday, Oct. 6 at 9 a.m. in the atrium of the Center…

Find out what food may be linked to lower rates of heart attack and stroke.

“Color is the keyboard, the eyes are the harmonies, the soul is the piano with many strings. The artist is the hand that plays, touching one key or another, to cause vibrations in the soul.” – Wassily Kandinsky
People tend to think of their taste in art as being basically static; if one is a strict devotee of realism, one is not likely to wake up one day and find one’s self enamoured of the bright swirls of a Kandinsky painting, for example…

Ever wonder why some people seem to feel less pain than others? A study conducted at Wake Forest School of Medicine may have found one of the answers—mindfulness. "Mindfulness is related to being aware of the present moment without too much emotional reaction or judgment," said the study's lead author, Fadel Zeidan, Ph.D., assistant professor of neurobiology and anatomy at the medical school, part of Wake…

Research finds a correlation between enjoying “bad” entertainment and your intelligence.

Watch as chiropractor Dr. Dan Eleuteri demonstrates how to use a wobble disk -- along with Rach and our studio audience.