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Evans Cycles are proud to announce that their newest store will be opening in Ipswich on 22nd June 2018. Coffee Stop caught up with the team to find out more about the new members.

The youth and adults attending the UKANDU mission trip this week
Care and Healing: Tim Adams; Catherine Apel, Shirley & Don Bates; Bette Berning; Heather, Joyce Bishop; Jennifer & June Bishop; Kim Boswell-Chenowith; Phyllis Bond; Marlene Brown; Richard Buck; Sara Burris; Carol Decker; Norm Ehrlich; Marilyn Evans; Everett Ewing; Jason Gelsthorpe; Gary Gidden; Kurt Haas; Linda Heidloff; Mark Heidloff; David Imlah; Lisa Jewell; Margaret Lancaster; Jenifer…

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Call for Articles, Tips, and Helpful Hints
By the Illinois Reading Council
The Illinois Reading Council is looking for members to submit teaching tips, helpful hints, and/or short…

This replica Improvised Explosive Device (IED) was in a traveler’s carry-on bag at the Chicago O’Hare International Airport (ORD). As a result, the checkpoint was closed for a total of 19 minutes before the Chicago Police Bomb Squad was able to respond and clear the item. When our officers spot a potential explosive on the X-ray monitor, they cannot just take the traveler’s word that the item is not real. A TSA Explosives Specialist or Police Department Bomb Squad must respond before the…

An automated approach to delivering Citrix Workspaces powered by Citrix Cloud services & Google Cloud Platform.

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A lot of managers want drone-ish box checkers. Continue Reading →

Summer is (finally) here! This year, welcome the summer season with these 7 homemade popsicle recipes. These recipes are easy, delicious, feature a variety of fruity flavors and take no longer than 20 minutes each to prepare. There is sure to be something for every sweet tooth! Read on and pick your favorites
Banana Cream Pie Pops
If you love bananas, this Banana Cream Pie Pop is the one for you. With the perfect mixture of bananas, cashews, honey and lemon juice, these…

Over half of employees in open offices are dissatisfied with their work environment, according to an Oxford Economics survey commissioned by Plantronics.

CARBONDALE — Sitting in his combine Monday, Leon McClerren was busy bringing in the summer’s wheat harvest. But, while he was harvesting his fields in Southern Illinois he couldn’t help

The other day I was meeting with a great CEO who had raised a modest seed round. Enough to invest, but not enough to go crazy with. He’d found several... Continue Reading

Which foods are the best sources of protein? Why is it important? Find out here.

The Jesus of history resisted the political and social realities of his day. Early Christians did the same. Neither one was necessarily successful in their aims, but what do we know about their attitudes toward the economy, immigrants, and war? How did Jesus and emerging Christ communities express concerns for justice and peace? Looking at the world today, what would they say about American politics

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In honor of Cancer Survivorship Month, one woman recalls the encouragement she received from a friend.

Fundraise a minimum of $750 total between the races you are running on behalf of the Advocate charity running team.
Step 3
Be an official finisher of each race chosen (Advocate Health Care will confirm completion).
NOTE: If you choose to run one of the Advocate sponsored races, but will not run as a part of the charity team, please email [email protected] to make sure you receive credit for the race.

New definition drafted, sent to White House Office of Budget and Management for review. Public comments will be accepted following that review.

An Advocate nurse says a popular gadget may be your best friend on your wellness journey. Find out how.

Kakapos (Strigops habroptila), as you should know by now, are the world’s only flightless parrot, and as such—and being residents of once-predator-free New Zealand—are highly endangered, and …

So many people are living a life that they actually hate. No matter where you look, it seems like people always want something better. And, if you're honest, you have a list of things you want to see get better as well. But, here's the problem: better isn't always better.

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Our staff dances with cool treats on National Picnic Day 2018!

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The National Cattlemen's Beef Association wants to make sure all labels are USDA approved.

China previously pledged to impose retaliatory tariffs on American products, including soybeans.