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Big O and Dukes was forged in the fires of hot talk terrestrial radio and has been reincarnated as an On-Demand weekly show. Click through and Press Play! It's FREE #LLTH

The facts of SPF from Northwestern Medicine dermatologist Lauren Taglia, MD.

After 25 years with the company, Wendy Sawtell has been promoted to Vice President, Sales for PMMI Media Group.

The Harry Potter franchise may be best known for its timeless depictions of friendship, bravery, and family in times of darkest turmoil - and oh yeah, a little thing called magic. But, amidst the heroes, there are some truly nasty characters who we remember less than fondly. Here are the top nine villains in Harry Potter history. And before you @ me, Snape is an anti-hero
9. Professor Quirrell
P-p-p-poor, stuttering, Professor Quirrell was weak, and wanted power. We’ve all been there. But…

Learn more about Head of the Class Sweepstakes 2018 at sportclips.com

A recent study emphasizes the health benefits of laughter.

In memory of its founding father, Tom Bacon, the CPA awards scholarships totaling more than $6,500 to students pursuing a degree in the packaging...

If your loved one’s memory issues have affected them enough that they can no longer take care of themselves—either physically or mentally—it may be time to consider placement in a memory care community. The Alden Network offers a holistic approach for individuals with Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s and other memory care needs. We use evidence-based techniques and... Read More

Reduce stress with simple exercises and mindful practices. Your mind — and body — will thank you.

That’s the question that IREM President Donald B. Wilkerson, CPM, posed as he pondered the nature of strategic property management for his latest column in NREI.

Our Hungry Hound checks out how Chicago's hot dogs are made at the Vienna Beef Company.

It's an interesting juxtaposition — tailored-meets-sport — that displays exactly where menswear is at the moment.

Have you always wanted to change the world?The Good Cards - a real life game for doing good gives you chance. Do good deeds, pass The Good Cards, track your impact. It’s just easy to be a hero and create happiness around you.

If you are a parent and filing for divorce, you will likely need to prepare for a child custody hearing as part of the process. Reach out to our highly skilled DuPage County divorce lawyers at Mevorah Law Office, LLC. We are here to help you prepare for your child custody hearing and answer any questions you may have.

Got it bad for plaid // Tripp Red Tartan Plaid Skinny Pants

If you have questions about your employment status, contacting a knowledgeable attorney can be helpful. The passionate Chicago employment visa attorneys at Mevorah Law Offices LLC can sit down with you and try to help answer any questions you may have.

As part of the 125th anniversary of Chicago's Vienna Beef, the company has opened a museum dedicated to the evolution of the classic Chicago-style hot dog. It also includes additional features including a tribute to the 125 members of the Hot Dog Hall of Fame. The museum is located at Vienna Beef’s headquarters at 2501 N. Damen Avenue in Chicago. Plans are to keep the museum open at least through fall, and if it cuts the mustard they hope to make it permanent…

BLOOMINGDALE, Ill. --(BUSINESS WIRE)--Aug. 8, 2018-- PCTEL, Inc. (Nasdaq: PCTI), a leader in P erformance C ritical TEL ecom solutions, announced its results for the second quarter ended June 30, 2018 . Highlights from Continuing Operations Revenue of $21.6 million in the second quarter and $43.3

Many auto accidents happen in work zones. Follow these safe driving tips from Travelers to help avoid roadwork accidents.

What is a mattress is made of? How is memory foam made? The Daily Doze gives you a peek inside what mattresses are made of - foam, innerspring, and hybrid.

DieQua's extensive range of gearboxes, gearmotors, gearheads and speed reducers are available with a long list of options as well as being customizable for s...

Dip into these tips to get your lube practices up to speed. Improper lubrication is among the leading causes of gearbox failure. Thus, it makes sense that proper lubrication plays a key role in achieving satisfactory performance and extending the life of gear (or speed) reducers. Let’s review some important points. By ISO grading standards, …