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These scientifically backed methods for clearing bad breath really work. Learn how to tackle bad breath fast with these natural remedies.

While automation can increase efficiency in factories, robots can’t simply plug in to any worker’s role and instantly save a business money.

When it comes to the question of whether to dry one's hands on a paper towel, or blow them dry under a hand dryer, scientists have struggled to find a definitive answer to which is better for your health. Until now.

Professor Claudia Kawas, of the University of California, tracked data on around 1,700 people who were in their nineties in 2003 - called the '90+ study'.

You don’t have to be a DIY expert to make caregiving tasks easier. Follow these tips and tricks to alleviate some of the common caregiving problems.

If you find exercise dull, a new study suggests you might want to grab your headphones; listening to music can increase our enjoyment of physical activity.

Migraine Headache Treatment & Cures
This website is dedicated to those sufferers who have exhausted their efforts in seeking an end to their pain problems, have endured years of unsuccessful treatment, have tried a countless number of drugs and have given up on hope of a promise for a better life
This website explains the reasons behind your pain and outlines for you the modern techniques that can cure your problem!
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The root cause of tinnitus can be a complex puzzle. Nutrition could be one piece of that puzzle. Here's how to find out if something you're eating or drinking is contributing to your tinnitus.

Are you worried about being able to hear your family and friends during the holidays? The holiday season is an exciting time, but for someone with hearing loss, it can be a stressful time. During the holidays, people are typically more social, attending community functions, family dinners, visiting the grandchildren, or even traveling out of …

Are you concerned about yourself or a loved one? Learn the 10 early signs and symptoms of Alzheimer’s disease.