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Learn first-hand how social media professionals make connections and maintain relationships through social efforts.

Kathy Cook, Dean of Technology at the University of Phoenix College of Education, has several suggestions for parents for keeping their children engaged in learning over summer vacation through the use of technology.

Our world is changing at an unprecedented pace. To prepare our students, lessons must go beyond the "3 R's" and foster 21st century skills. Skills like criti...

Have you mastered the three Ds (Delegate it, Dump it, or Do it)? Could a closed-door policy help you better manage your time?

Ever since I can remember, each summer has had a theme, an idea that connects events and experience. Sometimes it’s as simple as “the summer

Encouraging students' growth mindset is about more than just praising raw effort, Stanford Professor Carol Dweck said at an Education Week event. Read some tips and watch her full remarks here.

A breakdown of responses from African-Americans, Asian-Americans, Hispanics, and non-Hispanic whites found that African-Americans were the most likely to select education as a top issue.

Students who are exposed to arts education show promise in other academic areas and show behavioral benefits too. So why aren't all educators doing more to save these programs in K-12 schools?

Founded in 1943, ASCD (formerly the Association for Supervision and Curriculum Development) is an educational leadership organization dedicated to advancing best practices and policies for the success of each learner. Our 175,000 members in 119 countries are professional educators from all levels and subject areas––superintendents, supervisors, principals, teachers, professors of education, and school board members.

Experts in education and technology share their thoughts on the major EdTech trends and educational challenges we can expect to see in 2016.

Education, particularly in the arts, will play a pivotal role in preparing students' creative capacities and sustaining a creative economy.

A new study finds strong links between staying in school and living longer.

Will Bush and Kasich continue to support for the common core? How will the three senators with similar education agendas differentiate themselves? Will ESEA reauthorization come up?

Trump will propose a voucher program; Brown will address the teacher shortage.

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Principal and Parent Teacher Chat moderator Joe Mazza explains the benefits for parents and educators alike to participate on Twitter.

The ways learning happens in the US are shifting rapidly. We're out to capture learning in its natural habitat, from soccer fields to science labs, boardrooms to bedrooms. Welcome to NPR Ed.