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Clever, brave, strong! This contest is packed with cool questions about your favorite heroines.

This spring may be extra irritating for allergy sufferers. After a long, wet and cold winter, spring’s pollen counts may be higher than usual. Unfortunately, more than 40 million Americans who struggl

The Burlington County Health Department recently announced that it will be partnering with Virtua Community Nursing Services to conduct lead screenings for children ages 13 months to under 72 months

Burlington County Freeholder Daniel O’Connell has announced that the Health Department and Virtua Community Nursing Services will be conducting lead screenings for children ages 13 months to less than 72

Classic migraine starts with visual symptoms such as zigzag lines, colored lights or flashes of light expanding to one side of your vision over 10 to 30 minutes, followed by a single-sided pounding, s

Eye allergies are a condition when the eyes react to an irritant or allergen, making them red, itchy, tearful and swollen.

A chalazion and a stye are both lumps in or along the edge of an eyelid. In some situations it may be difficult to distinguish between a chalazion and stye.

There's a life-saving screening test for heavy smokers age 55 and older that helps identify lung cancer earlier when it's most treatable. Find out if you're eligible.

Putting on a happy face doesn’t just make you more likeable; it makes you healthier, both good for your career.

AtlantiCare is home to the only full-service cardiac program in our region. Our skilled cardiology team is led by experienced specialists, providing you

​When your child is given a prescription for antibiotics, there are some important guidelines you should follow to make sure your child is safe and gets better as expected.