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The funeral comparison service has taken on new name Beyond, and design studio SomeOne has given it a new identity centred around a three-dimensional, cartoon man, which looks to counter the “sunsets, flowers and doves” that litter the sector.

Let's take a look at a cool and unique Liquid Lettering Collection by Daviher Loredo who is a freelancer in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

The Design Council has published its second Design Economy report, which looks at the value of the industry and who makes it up. While design contributes £85bn to the economy, there is still a diversity problem, as white men continue to dominate the sector.

From our wellbeing to our wallets, we’re seeing the effects of a world transformed by rising temperatures and changing climate patterns.

Farm Bureau of Michigan Agent Charitable Fund
Agent Charitable Fund
Farm Bureau of Michigan Agent Charitable Fund is a donor advised fund within the Michigan Foundation for Agriculture. It will serve as a fund for Farm Bureau agents to contribute to for the purpose of supporting charitable causes throughout Michigan. Following the purpose and vision of the Michigan Foundation of Agriculture, the fund will grant monies…

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If there’s one thing we can all agree on, it’s that life is stressful—or maybe that’s just my anxiety talking. I am a professional worrier. I worry about..

Cats – with all their mysteriousness and adorableness and softness – have served as muses for some of the most brilliant writers in the world for centuries. Some notable examples, amazing pictures, and charming quotes from 30 of the best kitty/writer combo deals.

File bankruptcy from $100. A Better Way Bankruptcy is a debt relief agency based in Southfield and Sterling Heights, MI, serving the Detroit, Michigan area and

What is God? July 2018 What is God? Beverly heard some mean gossip about God. But her grandmother was healed by reading the Christian Science textbo...

The self-parking system called Summon is being delivered to cars in an over-the-air update. As is the usual way of Tesla announcing things these days, the news was broken in a tweet on Tesla’s Twitter feed saying: “Summon [is] now available in Model 3.”