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As summer changes into fall, it's the time for pumpkins, snuggly scarves and warm sweaters, but for those of us who have asthma, fall means it's also a period for inhalers and lung irritation.
"The third week of September has been labeled asthma…

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Dimitri De Vreeze, managing board member at Royal DSM, explains that the company's global business means it won't be affected by the U.S.-China trade fight.

Wednesday, September 19, 2018
Young patients, their families and invited guests were treated to a visit with some amazing animal ambassadors - including a blue-tongued skink, a lesser tenrec and a bearded dragon at Beaumont Children’s . This special event, which ocurred Sept. 19, celebrated the arrival of San Diego Zoo Kids , a closed-circuit television channel, now available at Beaumont Children’s
San Diego Zoo Kids…

Experts weigh in with advice every parent should know about how and at what age babies can be exposed to the 8 major food allergens: cow's milk, eggs, peanuts, fish, shellfish
tree nuts, wheat, and soy.

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Jake Campbell was an infant when his mother, Jill Maurer-Campbell, called home from the Twin Towers, saying the North Tower had been struck.

It’s hardly news to note that health savings accounts are increasingly popular, a “two birds one stone” play that solves

'Type of anesthesia used: topical (if any) Pre-procedure processes: consultation is required Who performs the procedure: Dr. Rouchdi Rifai, Board-Certified Cosmetic Surgeon with over 30 years of experience Approximate recovery time: about one week Aftercare recommendations: a daily skincare routine will be prescribed DeepFX and ActiveFX result in the improvement of deep wrinkles, fine lines, skin tone, and texture in just one session, with less downtime…

Do you always use the bathroom before getting in the car, watching a movie, or exercising, even when you don’t feel the urge? Seems pretty common. Some experts say you might be causing more trouble for yourself. 

Stress. We all experience it, and everyone can benefit from reducing it. Stress can wreak havoc on your health - including your heart health. And reducing stress can go a long way to helping you prevent and maybe even reverse conditions that can lead to heart disease. So, what can you do to reduce your stress and save your heart
Here are some tips for reducing stress that can have the added benefit of improving your heart health.
Getting regular exercise and…

When temperatures drop and summer weather fades into autumn chill, there are certain things we all love: snuggly sweaters, hot cocoa, the smell of indoor fires. And there are others that, well, a lot of us could live without. Fall, like spring, is a…

Thursday, September 06, 2018
Oakwood Boulevard: New location of enhanced crosswalk
Beaumont Hospital, Dearborn , the city of Dearborn and Wayne County have collaborated to install an innovative, new High-Intensity Activated Crosswalk, or HAWK, to make pedestrian crossing safer along Oakwood Boulevard and its four lane roadway for those traveling to and from the hospital
Following weeks of hard work, construction on the crosswalk has been…

Expired eye makeup can lead to serious eye problems. While avoiding expired cosmetics help, there are other things you can do ito keep your eyes healthy.

New report in DSM's Global Insights Series indicates consumers are still largely unaware of acrylamide, but those who do know something about acrylamide know enough to be concerned, and that once knowledgeable about acrylamide, consumers expect food manufacturers to find solutions.

Back to school means it's time for children's eye exams. No one wants their children to miss information in school if they are having vision issues.

Butzel Long attorney Maura Corrigan has been named to the 2018 class of "Women Who Lead" by WJR-AM 760. Corrigan is one of 12 women who will be honored in October during a special broadcast of the Paul W. Smith Show. Based in Butzel Long's Detroit office, Corrigan concentrates her practice in litigation and appeals. She served as a law clerk to Judge John Gillis of the Michigan Court of Appeals, later becoming a Wayne County assistant prosecuting attorney in 1974, and chief…

While you're talking to your kids about drugs, smoking, sex and internet safety, think about adding vaping to the list
Vaping is popular among teenagers now for all the wrong reasons. Many teens are under the incorrect assumption that because an e-cigarette is not a traditional paper-rolled-around-tobacco, it's not a health risk
They couldn't be more wrong.
Between 2011 and 2015, there was a 900 percent…

Everybody is creative in their own way: one may utilize creative thinking to make an acceptable meal out of their very few supplies...

Have you activated your creative juices lately? We all need a friendly reminder from time-to-time—to be more imaginative, to utilize our artistic abilities, and to demonstrate...