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Monday, July 16, 2018
On Thursday, August 2, participating Dairy Queen locations in Southeastern Michigan will come together to raise funds for Beaumont Children’s
Donations collected on Miracle Treat Day will help Beaumont Children’s fund equipment, treatments and programs, including the Child Life Program that helps reduce children’s anxiety during their hospital stay. Donations also help purchase hospital sleeper sofas for parents and vein finders for…

Sen. Marco Rubio (R-Fla.) sounded the alarm over the extent to which the American populace remains vulnerable to tech-powered misinformation campaigns, particularly false and doctored videos.

Two leading Democrats on the House Oversight Committee are also seeking hearings on the executive order putting administrative law judges outside of the competitive service.

TSA is looking to data sources inside and outside its operations to fold into a new tracking tool to get a better handle on charter aircraft traveling from Cuba into the U.S.

A group of former senior cybersecurity officials want the Census Bureau to be more transparent about plans to protect population survey data.

A new, independent magazine celebrating classic graphic symbols has launched, based on a popular Instagram account created by a London-based designer.

From our wellbeing to our wallets, we’re seeing the effects of a world transformed by rising temperatures and changing climate patterns.

With the Securities and Exchange Commission’s workstations quantitative analysts get access to the latest financial analytics tools, less latency and better performance.

Cats – with all their mysteriousness and adorableness and softness – have served as muses for some of the most brilliant writers in the world for centuries. Some notable examples, amazing pictures, and charming quotes from 30 of the best kitty/writer combo deals.

File bankruptcy from $100. A Better Way Bankruptcy is a debt relief agency based in Southfield and Sterling Heights, MI, serving the Detroit, Michigan area and

Our client, a leading global hotel chain, currently employs extensive sustainability and corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiatives throughout its properties. While committed to continuing these efforts, our client wondered whether travelers were aware of these programs and whether they impacted hotel choice
Phoenix MI conducted an online survey with a panel sample of travelers in the U.S., U.K., Brazil and China, who were members of…

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The Board affirmed a Section 2(d) refusal to register the mark MAVA for various clothing items, including t-shirts, pants, gym suits, athletic uniforms, and footwear, finding the mark likely to cause confusion with the identical mark registered for "personal training services in the field of athletic performance." Applicant contended that, because it owns registrations for MAVA for weight-lifting gloves and work-out gloves, it already owns "senior…

Here, we’ll discuss pregnancy-related medical jargon. Check back for more posts defining jargon related to other topics in maternal-infant health!

ch program between Technion-Israel Institute of Technology and New York University has yielded promising results in the treatment of malignant mesothelioma . This cancer develops in the mesothelium – a thin membrane protecting the internal organs of the chest and abdomen. In mostly all cases the disease is caused by exposure to asbestos
Mesothelioma is resistant to most anti-cancer drugs and currently has no effective treatment…

A lawsuit filed against Monsanto, the manufacturers of Roundup, includes internal company emails that reportedly show how the multi-billion dollar corporation worked to suppress evidence and

Floyd's cycle-finding algorithm : finds a cycle in function value iterations
Topological sort : finds linear order of nodes (e.g. jobs) based on their dependencies
Web link analysis
Karger's algorithm : a Monte Carlo method to compute the minimum cut of a connected graph
Routing for graphs[ edit ]
Edmonds's algorithm (also known as Chu–Liu/Edmonds's algorithm): find maximum or minimum branchings
Euclidean minimum spanning tree…

Nothing changed the face of Indigenous people and their culture like the American Indian Movement, founded in 50 years ago on July 11, 1968 in Minneapolis, Minn.

The USPTO refused registration, on the Supplemental Register, of the term SECOND OPINION, finding it to be generic for "medical testing for diagnostic or treatment purposes in the field of cancer." On appeal, the Board rendered a split decision. How do you think this came out? In re Chronix Biomedical, Inc. , Serial No. 86612457 (July 10, 2018) [not precedential] (Opinion by Judge Michael B. Adlin…

Riding a motorcycle in the summer comes with a unique set of risks. Here are a few tips to help you stay safe while riding your motorcycle in hot weather.

Dogs can be great exercise partners. They have energy to burn and love spending time with you. However, running safely with your dog takes preparation and training.

Jul 09, 2018: U.S. Trade Representative Announces New Process for Product Exclusions from New Section 301 Tariffs on Chinese Imports
In prior client alerts, we discussed the imposition of tariffs on various products from China of 25%, based on a finding by the President of violations of section 301 of the Trade Act of 1974 by China related to U.S. intellectual property rights (see client alerts June 21, 2018 , June 15, 2018, and April 4, 2018 )
The final list of 818…

Where you’re going is far more interesting to your next boss than where you’ve been. Too many job candidates, though, focus on the rearview mirror,

Leadership builds up, not down. It is active, not passive, Leadership brings a smile, not a frown. Leadership gives credit, not blame. It casts vision, not blindness, Leadership drives change, not same. Leadership adds value, not clutter. It sees causes, not symptoms, Leadership ignites passion, not a sputter.

Omega-3 fatty acids EPA and DHA from natural marine algae for sustainable animal nutrition

Dykema, a leading national law firm, today announced the addition of Walter J. Dunn to its Corporate Finance practice group as a member in the firm’s growing Dallas office, which has now added 14 attorneys in the past 13 months. The firm’s rate of growth in North Texas has been so rapid in recent months that it has had to arrange for additional space in the Comerica Bank Tower, where the office is located.