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In late August 2015, Korean type designer Minjoo Ham arrived in Berlin to figure out if the city could offer her an interesting new phase in her life. Minjoo was a fresh graduate from the TypeMedia program at The Hague’s KABK (Royal Art Academy). Berlin, possibly the world’s capital of independent type design, was an …

Col. Donald Bray, the Army's acting cyber director, explained how the service is adapting the Defense Department’s risk management framework guidance to fit its operational needs.

The design studio has created a logo of a bridge reflected on water to represent the charity, which looks to protect England and Wales’ waterways.

If your baby has a birth injury like HIE or cerebral palsy because of errors at a military hospital, you can still get help for your child. 888-419-2229.

’m talking about the effect positive affirmations have on feelings of loneliness and isolation. Because this practice improves our self-esteem..

As agencies push modernization, they should ditch risky spreadsheets and leverage automation to improve budgeting processes.

sometimes it leads to these strange feelings of loneliness and isolation. I find myself saying no to friends and adventures, when I want to say yes, and then I’m overwhelmed with FOMO...

The Clorox Company (NYSE: CLX) today announced its board of directors has authorized the company to repurchase its stock in the open market for an aggregate purchase price of...

George Matick Chevrolet unveiled its new car wash as a backdrop for a fundraiser for Meals on Wheels.

When buying a home, there are certain steps a buyer should go through before the home sale is official. First the buyer makes the offer, then the offer is accepted
Next the buyer schedules the inspection and home appraisal. Finally, everyone is ready for closing.
It’s easy to overlook the impact of some of these steps, but when it comes to a mortgage, the home appraisal is actually quite important. Banks want to see that they are lending money for an investment that…