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Grosse Pointe Woods police have released a sketch of a suspect wanted in connection with the abduction of a child.

A growing number of Americans are redefining what retirement really looks like. More people are working and caring for someone 65 years or older at home.

Science fair winner Angelina Arora of Australia demonstrated a biodegradable plastic made from natural material.

Conservationists have launched an urgent bid to save the critically endangered Sumatran rhino, which has a wild population of fewer than 80.

A 29-year automotive industry executive with technical, operations and business experience at Ford Motor Co., Collins & Aikman and Johnson Controls, MaryAnn Wright operates TechGoddess LLC that focuses on applying

Michigan hosts Nebraska in the first Big Ten game of the season for both teams as Michigan looks to improve to 3-1, while Nebraska is looking for their first win of the season after starting 0-2 fo…

Health experts have been pushing almost-daily activity for decades. But a new study suggests you may not need to exercise four to five days each week to reap the rewards. While it’s true that more exercise is better for your body (without getting into extremes), not everyone can squeeze in ...

Using machine learning, data scientists developed a model that can help doctors accurately predict Parkinson's disease progression and start treatment earlier, when it will have greater impact.

Accenture research shows that as digital innovations reshape the nature of work, new approaches to learning and skillsets will be required for growth. Learn more.

SAS CMO Randy Guard talks about the company's brand positioning as AI becomes a bigger part of conversations about big data and analytics.

Most organizations are heavily reliant on third-party vendors for a large component of their business. According to Deloitte , a typical Fortune 500 company may use more than 100,000 external third-parties—including vendors, suppliers, service providers, and outsourcers—to meet its business objectives and stay competitive. With these added relationships, however, come higher exposures to security risks including data breaches and cyberattacks.

A near-capacity crowd of more than 200 attended the 2017 Regional Stormwater Summit. LTU photo / Matt Roush.
Lawrence Technological University will host the sixth annual Regional Stormwater Sum...

If you default to training and workshops to fix every workplace problem, you may be missing issues of clarity and cullture.

From nutrition data to health claims and certifications it can be tough to differentiate fact from hype when it comes to food labels. Certain terms, such as “organic” and “gluten-free,” are strictly regulated, while others are little more than marketing gimmicks. Learn what 7 labels actually mean.

September 20, 2018
Home builder confidence in housing market conditions stayed flat in September. The National Association of Home Builders Housing Market Index reported an index reading of 67, which matched expectations and NAHB’s housing market reading for August. Analysts cited recent tariffs on building materials as a significant cause of easing builder confidence
While NAHB called September’s reading “solid” at 67, the reading was one…