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Ed Brubaker & Sean Phillips talk to CBR about this month's Kill or Be Killed finale, and provide an update on the in-development film adaptation.

Furniture pads can be used to cover most furniture and appliances to prevent nicks and scratches during a move.

Welcome to our DIY News Digest. The focus of the Digest is all things DIY: gardening, painting, home repair, cooking, tools, remodeling and more. Articles an... by Cole Hardware

E-commerce has become a disruptive force in the retail and distribution sectors. E-commerce sales are growing by 15 percent every year. Amazon alone accounts for about 40 percent of online sales in the U.S. and drives 80 percent of online sales growth. What makes Amazon such a powerful force is services such as Echo and Amazon Prime that elevate the customer experience. The company has created…

who turn into torturers."
—C. G. Jung
IN 1968, SHORTLY AFTER ARRIVING AT MY ASSIGNMENT AS A BATTALION SURGEON at An Khe, South Vietnam, I was awakened late one night by a drunken sergeant. "Doc, we need your help," he said enthusiastically, "a platoon has just returned with some captured gooks. We've got the gadgets all set up to make 'em talk." The gadgets, he explained through slurred speech, were improvised, battery-powered devices that could deliver electric shocks. I realized I was being…

June is whizzing by faster than any of comics’ many speedster characters, and this week is no slouch in the summer reading department. Marvel launches their latest big number-one title with Tony Stark: Iron Man, the same week that writer Dan Slott bids adieu to Amazing Spider-Man and that longtime X-Men paramours Kitty Pryde and Colossus finally tie the knot.

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A new report commissioned by NTT Security, the NTT Group’s centre of excellence in security, shows that one third of global businesses would pay malware ransoms rather than develop stronger cyber defences.

We want our team to be excited to come to work and have built our company culture around this principle. Technology is an exciting industry, and we strive to make that excitement a part of everything we do for our San Francisco and Corvallis clients.

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The Anti-Slavery Alphabet is a reader that was published in 1846 for the purpose of being sold at the Anti-Slavery Fair in Philadelphia. The fair was organized by the Philadelphia Female Anti-Slavery Society (PFASS) and raised money for abolitionism by charging a small admission fee and selling antislavery publications
While this popular alphabet book was published anonymously, authorship was later ascribed to Quaker Hannah Townsend (b…

I wish I could take credit for what follows. This was written by father, grandfather, and education activist, Denis Ian. Enjoy. I’m an old father now. Suddenly it seems. My sons have sons. I own l…

Football players of the 1960s seemed to personify a crewcut traditional manhood that channeled the Puritan work ethic. Yet, despite a social upheaval against such values, the National Football League won over all of America--and became a cultural force that recast politics in its own smashmouth image. Jesse Berrett offers an invigorating appraisal of a dynamic era and Pigskin Nation reveals how pro football created the…

We are pleased to host this luncheon with the legendary music critic Robert Hilburn in celebration of his new biography Paul Simon: The Life
The luncheon will be held at Amici Brentwood , conveniently located a half a block from the bookstore at 2538 San Vicente Blvd. The cost for the luncheon with Robert Hilburn is $75, which includes one copy of the book. Please contact the store at 310-576-9960 to purchase tickets. Seating is limited, so don't delay.
For more than…

When Joselin Linder was in her twenties her legs suddenly started to swell. After years of misdiagnoses, doctors discovered a deadly blockage in her liver. Struggling to find an explanation for her unusual condition, Linder compared the medical chart of her father--who had died from a mysterious disease, ten years prior--with that of an uncle who had died under similarly strange circumstances. Delving further into the…

Come on out and celebrate with the punk rock legend, best known for fronting the Dead Kennedys in the ’70s and ’80s, on Father’s Day in San Francisco.

Grouping certain plants together will actually help your garden in more ways than you think. Companion planting is planting things together that benefit each other.Find out how to your plant

Here at NAB, we're thrilled to celebrate Pride Month and honor our LGBTQ+ authors. Tackling issues of oppression, intersectionality, sexuality, and more, we couldn't be more proud to publish who we feel are some of the most innovative, courageous, compassionate...

Come taste award-winning 43 Ranch EVOO on Friday, and snag everything you need for a successful Father's Day weekend.

This detailed Laver Kirman carpet compliments the wood carving on the cabinet in the son's sink area. Antique Persian Carpets from Claremont Rug Company.

Image is a comics and graphic novels publisher formed in 1992 by 7 of the comics industry's best-selling artists, and is the 3rd largest comics publisher in the United States.

Edamame health benefits includes supports bone health, a good source of protein, lowers the risk of heart disease, support healthy immune system, reduces the risk of cancers, reducing menopausal symptoms, a good source of magnesium, helps you stay youthful and active, support skin health, and promotes better digestion.

“I tell my students things that only the Master of The Universe could know. I tell them that if they choose a certain path, they can be sure of success. At times I’ve convinced them that certain assignments will make or break their future. For a middle school to work, you have to impart a sense of urgency. You have to make them believe these things. Time may not be as important as we say it is, but it’s more important than they…

Placing ductwork in conditioned space can help reduce energy losses. | Photo courtesy of ©iStockphoto/SimplyCreativePhotography
Your air ducts are one of the most important systems in your home, and if the ducts are poorly sealed or insulated they are likely contributing to higher energy bills
Your home's duct system is a branching network of tubes in the walls, floors, and ceilings; it carries the air from…

Externalized costs are negative effects of producing or consuming a good that are imposed on a third party and not accounted for in the sticker price of an item. Among food products, there is no greater discrepancy between printed cost and true cost than with animal products. When we take a closer look at meat, dairy, and eggs, externalized costs become apparent in four primary areas: animals, health, social justice, and the environment.

Protect employees and avoid potential hazards found in your warehouse by providing proper forklift training, securing docks, repairing damaged rack and more.

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