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The mindfulness program is being conducted under a mental health study that the British government is running until 2021.

Digital media company Copa90 created clubhouses in Paris and Lyon to give its brand a boost IRL just like physical retail helps D2C startups grow.

Persistent technical setbacks and political infighting have introduced unending delays in our trip back to the lunar surface.

Not everyone is comfortable doing a particular activity, so forcing your team to do something might be counterproductive.

Get info and order tickets here for the Vallejo Reptile & Oddities Show coming soon! Located at the Solano County Fairgrounds July 20th and 21st 2019. See reptiles, pets, cute furry creatures, and more!

Celebrating the achievement of landing on the lunar surface was a very late addition to the space agency’s to-do list.

The straws as advertised are nine inches long and bright red — the same shade as Trump's ubiquitous "Make America Great Again" baseball caps. By Friday afternoon ET, the straws had apparently sold out.

Shop the best selection of wine from Languedoc-Roussillon. Expert advice. Same day shipping. FREE shipping nationwide with StewardShip. FedEx pickup available.

In the animated original, the hyenas were depicted as crass lowlifes that many interpreted as thinly veiled stand-ins for minorities. The new version goes in a different direction.

In 1970, a House subcommittee held hearings on the privacy consequences of advertising mailing lists and the sometimes shadowy brokers who traded in them.

An estimated 195 million people are under a heat advisory this weekend as a massive heat wave bears down on the East Coast and Midwest.

Welcome to our DIY News Digest. The focus of the Digest is all things DIY: gardening, painting, home repair, cooking, tools, remodeling and more. Articles an... by Cole Hardware

Stuck on hold - Outdated contact centre tech is holding businesses backGuy Tweedale, Regional VP, Rocket Software discusses

The tragic arson attack at Kyoto Animation in Japan left 33 people dead and even more wounded. One way to help the studio in its darkest hour is to support its work. Here are KyoAni’s most famous titles and where you can find them.

What makes for a high quality marketing video, and how do you get started producing and marketing video for your HVAC, home performance or solar business? The video production and digital marketing experts at Energy Circle discuss what it takes to add video to your digital marketing strategy.

car seat safety, poison prevention, fire safety, water safety and so much more!
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Berkeley Fire Engine Outside both days!

Tax-free health savings accounts, Roth IRAs, insurance and annuities can help cover retirees' future health-care costs.

From political candidates to punk rockers, “The Double Shift” reflects the wide range of working mothers fighting for equality and work-life balance. Founder and host Katherine Goldstein explains her vision for the show.

This portable book holds 18 pages of the finest watercolor paper, accordion-folded for unlimited possibilities. Ideal for urban sketchers, the fine-grain yet durable 140 lb (300 gsm) paper is surface-sized for all watercolor techniques. Rugged, oversized cover and elastic closure.

A Scottish landowner wants to reintroduce wolves to his fenced, private wildlife reserve to restore the land's natural ecology. Some are not in favor.

Building information management (BIM) is a collaborative process for ensuring that planning, design and construction are as efficient and collaborative as possible, especially for manufacturing or commercial facilities. BIM is also evolving rapidly, due largely to new software tools such as augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR). BIM can create virtual plans that show how all the different building components relate to each other in…

Leila Swenson leads Follow Your Bliss: A Sunday Yoga Retreat, a yoga workshop to be held July 28 @ Yoga Tree SF Training Center in the San Francisco Bay Area."