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Inspiration Anywhere. Choosing the perfect flooring can be challenge. With the new Floorvana app, a simple photo can make your decision a little easier.

Mazda will throw its hat into the EV ring with a model in 2020, on top of a plug-in hybrid by 2022.

View our extensive gallery of laser tattoo removal before and after photos. At Eraser Clinic we can treat any color of ink and any color of skin.

Just starting a business means stepping outside your comfort zone, but the process of stretching yourself can't stop there.

The CLNC Pros share 17 tips for retaining attorney-clients through good old-fashioned customer service.

Weekly Market Compass: Trade wars remain a concern for the economy, but central banks appear poised to help
The Federal Reserve (Fed) met last week and clearly telegraphed that it will no longer be “patient” and that it is leaning toward loosening monetary policy. Why? Fed Chair Jay Powell said trade developments and global growth concerns are on the mind of the central bank. As I look into the second half of the year, those two items are key to my outlook as…

It’s not just a month to celebrate Dad’s day. It’s a month to celebrate men’s health. Do you know a man who never gets sick? Who is invincible? Who thinks he can beat back any ailment through sheer force of will? Maybe it’s a husband, son or brother. Or maybe it’s you? Men are notorious ...

Fresh off the big NBA title win of his hometown Toronto Raptors, Drake took some time in H-town to replicate his team's glory.

A cat in Minnesota is recovering after he got stuck in his family's washing machine for a 35-minute cycle.

The homeowner saw smoke in the attic and got himself, his wife and their two dogs out safely before fire destroyed the house.

Released last year with a monster new 6.0-liter W12 engine that featured Audi's TFSI technology, the Bentley Continental GT is getting that V8 option for the 2020 model year. We have fresh photos of this lovely update, showing a variety of different colors on North American soil.

The vacation rental market grew 80%, from $46 billion in sales in 2012 to $83 billion in 2017 worldwide.

According to the United States Department of Transportation, airlines have already taken in nearly $1.3 billion in baggage fee revenue, an increase from last year.

The Predictive Index found engagement also increases when employers share the results of new hires' behavioral assessments.