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Hosted by the Cruisers of South Florida Car Club. This is south Florida's most unique winter car show event, associated with the largest December motorcycle run and festival. This event benefits the James Jr. Fund and Joe Dimaggio Children's Hospital. Live music by Bret Michaels. Dash plaques f

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How better to enjoy seasonal winter squash than with pasta! Make this dish rich by using heavy cream in the sauce, or lighten it up with almond milk. This recipe comes to us from Christopher Mohs of Pumpernickel&Rye. Serves 4 1 1/2 lbs. butternut squash (cubed) 1 lb. trottole pasta 1/4

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Get the latest in news and promotions from our unique line of interchangeable stained glass nightlights!

Cooking seafood is not intimidating when you have a few simple steps to follow. Have delicious seafood on the table without hassle or guesswork using this three step method for preparing perfectly seared scallops.

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Feast your eyes on this seasonal offering of shells stuffed with pumpkin, kale, and tofu for protein and a touch of dairy-free creaminess. This recipe comes to us from Jenn of Veggie Inspired Journey. Serves 4-6 For the Pumpkin Kale Filling 12 oz package jumbo shells 15 oz can pure pumpkin puree

Get the latest in news and promotions from our unique line of interchangeable stained glass nightlights!

Cooking a holiday meal may seem like a big undertaking, but with the right recipes and timing, local cookbook author, Carla Snyder, shows how simple preparing a holiday meal in a one oven kitchen truly is. Discover her go-to tips and dishes!

Feeding a crowd this week? If you're looking to keep your meal meatless, this show-stopping paella is sure to be a hit. Spiced with saffron and turmeric, this vegetable-heavy dish boasts both the colors and flavors of Autumn. This recipe comes to us from Alexandra of In My Bowl

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we sometimes have to deal with as many user issues as we do technology issues. One of those issues is email. We may have employed great spam and phishing solutions from Mimecast and others yet the users still receive that occasional email that makes it through our filters and causes issues. Surely you have heard the story of the employee who bought a stack of apple gift cards for the “CEO” and sent the codes to the phisher. I have heard that…

Originally published on the Arcserve Insight Blog , by Mark Johnson, May 30, 2018
Will your disaster recovery plan see you through ransomware attacks, hardware failures, and natural disasters—or will you be caught flat-footed? If you can’t answer that question with an unequivocal, “We’re ready!” you should be investing greater time and resources in disaster recovery testing
Today, too many organizations implement backup and disaster recovery…

Originally published in the CrowdStrike Blog, by Harlan Carvey, November 7, 2018 Dealing with an active, dedicated adversary during an incident is very different than what many consider the more “traditional” incident response process of finding and removing malware. The traditional approach to incident response has been to remove the malware, or to go as …