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After decades of waiting, we finally get our first official look at the all-new C8 Corvette. The mid-engine Corvette is the eighth iteration of Chevy's flagship sports car.

The American Association of State Troopers is polling the public to find the best-looking state police cruiser.

This Mustang GT features the paint scheme from the P-51 flown by Colonel Bud Anderson through 116 missions.

There's already not enough produce for everyone in the world to get the daily recommended amount. Two new studies urge revamping the food system to feed the growing population and protect the planet.

It can be difficult to find and provide the best healthcare for your team that won’t put your business in the red.

There are big differences between salmon caught wild at sea and salmon raised in farms. Cook's Science executive editor Dan Souza explains how the fish's origin affects how you prepare it in your kitchen.

The Tualatin Valley is rich in outdoor recreation, and water sports--especially kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and fishing--are popular pastimes here.

Join our 28-day free workout program with 10- to 30-minute workouts you can do anytime, anywhere, designed to balance your body and empower you from within.

Every day is a beautiful day to explore the wonders of Oregon's Tualatin Valley. (Music commissioned by the Washington County Visitors Association. Copyright...

Learn how to avoid the most expensive and problematic home rental repairs with our extensive guide for landlords.

If ‘sitting is the new smoking’, should sit-stand desks (SSD) become the cure? A recent study in Applied Ergonomics highlighted in this ScienceDaily story discuss the ups and downs of the evidence …

Volkswagen has revealed its next-generation mainstream manual transmission, designed to be more efficient and more SUV-friendly than before. The MQ281 transmission will serve initially serve in the n ...

Beginner landlords often enter into the rental property business with a few misconceptions. Here, we debunk some common maintenance myths.

La Fogata Menu | best mexican restaurants san antonio: La Fogata San Antonio Mexican Restaurant and Catering Services in San Antonio

Nissan has offered a first glimpse at the upcoming 2020 Juke, revealing details about its second-generation split headlight design. Based on the image, the new Juke will get slim LED daytime running ...

Metallica have announced they are releasing a children's book, which is sure to become a treasured classic at baby showers and christenings for generations to come.

Dorothy Grower, a former resident of Fullerton and veteran of the U.S. Coast Guard, was born June 10, 1919

This week on the podcast are Scott Collie and Paul Maric. In car news, the Bentley EXP 100 GT concept, BMW X7 pick-up concept, and 2020 Mini Cooper SE have been revealed, and the 2020 C8 Chevrolet Co ...

Pageant Dog is the largest dogs competition website. Each month, nearly 20,000 dogs participate to win Pageant Dog prizes, which can be more than $2,000!

Get the recipe for this skin-boosting salad by Carolyn Yachanin that we're making all summer long.

Travel Along the Quilt Barn Trail of Washington County and discover the rich and diverse heritage of the Tualatin Valley.

As a real estate investor with rental properties in your portfolio, you will encounter situations where you believe a renovation or remodel is in order. But projects require forethought and planning—it’s important you know what’s in store. Consider the following tips and suggestions before you dive in head first.

The Oregon State Bar is holding a free seminar to help explain Oregon's new tenant and landlord laws.

On July 20, 1969, Neil Armstrong became the first man to walk on the Moon—and Buzz Aldrin became the first one to pee on it.

Summer sunshine is on everyone’s mind. It’s no surprise that your tenants will want to spend more time outside enjoying your property’s outdoor amenities. This means there will be some preparation involved for landlords and property

Gorgeous photos of striking cars in one of the world's most photogenic nightscapes.

DALLAS, July 8, 2019 /PRNewswire/ -- Hospitals, medical groups, and other healthcare facilities are seeking more medical specialists and fewer primary care...