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Legacy Travel is Dallas' Vacation Travel Agency. When you are looking for travel agents, call Legacy Travel

CRC Travel provides experienced consultation and customized travel arrangements for the discerning client.

Involve your children early on when planning a road trip, which will help keep their interest during the trip. Show them your route on a map and let them help decide places to stop including landmarks, hotels, and restaurants
During your trip, give your children a map so they can see where you are and how far you have until you reach your destination. This will help with the “are we there yet” question.
Keep children interested and involved in your road trip…

When people find out what I do for a living, weird things often happen
Some will tilt their heads to one side and ask "Do Travel Agents still exist?" as if they were magically staring into the eyes of a unicorn. Others will immediately start over-sharing every travel nightmare they, and everyone on the internet have ever experienced. Finally there are the folks that hit you up with a rapid fire, laundry list of questions like a hypochondriac during a doctor's visit. The…

In today's complicated travel environment, travel agents are more important than ever. Here are some new reasons why to share with your clients.

Why would anyone need an agent? We found out when we looked at some of the myths about how they work.

Tips for passing along to travel clients traveling with food allergies and special diets that will help them stay safe, and still make the most of their vacation.

Here are five travel insurance coverages that address bad weather events.

These specialists are coming back into fashion — and your vacation may be the better for it. Here are 4 reason to use them.

These Twitter tips for travel agents will guide you in creating a professional Twitter profile for your agency and posting Tweets to engage your followers.

Seventh consecutive year of growth to result in the most Thanksgiving travelers since 2007

In the immediate aftermath of a divisive U.S. presidential election, we look beyond our election districts for inspiration.

In the spirit of Mark Travel Madness, Lisa Tinnerman & Charla Francis from The Mark Travel Corporation are the first features of KHM Travel's new preferred supplier spotlight series!

It’s not often you see a celebrity at a travel-industry press conference. But Fallon's excited about his new ride at Universal Orlando. And he “always uses a travel agent. I wouldn’t even know how to book a trip myself.”

We answer a question we get asked all the time...what exactly does a host agency do?

By Christine Schoenwald
It turns out that it's not whoever has the most stuff wins; it's whomever has had the most experiences wins, and ends u...

A vacation during the hotter months doesn't have to bust your budget.

In the digital era, it's easy to assume that travel agents have become passé. But that's not the case—in fact, if you want personalized service and luxurious touches on your next trip, you'll almost certainly want a specialist in your back pocket.

Travel tips from AAA for children traveling solo or with a single parent.

A Tokyo-based travel agency will take you stuffed animal on a tour of the famous city for a nominal price. Find out how to send your plush pal on the trip of a lifetime. Read on.