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Gucci Beauty's first campaign, featuring punk singer Dani Miller, is sending a message that not all beautiful smiles are identical.

Smile (From Charles Chaplin's "Modern Times" - 1936) with Judy Garland Smile (Charles Chaplin) Smile, Though your heart is aching Smile, Even though it's bre...

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Game of Throne fans will have their chance to stake their claim on the Dragonstone Throne at the Optimum Experience Store in Westfield South Shore mall in Bay Shore.

Many of us worry that our breath smells, but it’s hard to diagnose yourself. Oral hygiene is the key to preventing halitosis

At the Golden Pediatric Dentistry & Orthodontics, there's a member of the dental staff that not only has the ability to put an immediate smile on a patient's face, but also has never missed a day of work.