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Cocaine withdrawals is not the same as withdrawing from other substances such as opiates or alcohol. The symptoms are more mental than physical.

Several roads across Washtenaw County are undergoing various repairs that will close off roads or slow down traffic.

Does digital eyestrain cause lasting damage to children's eyes? Should your child use reading glasses or computer glasses?

You need to be aware of the intense Vicodin side effects which include addiction. Because of the hydrocodone, it has the same effects as heroin or morphine.

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At Armor Physical Therapy, we are committed to helping patients have a fast recovery. Our physical therapists provide Manual Therapy, Redcord, Kinesio Taping, Cupping, Electrical Stimulation, Spine & Back Therapy, Therapeutic Exercise, and more. Visit us in locations of Battle Creek, Plainwell, Kalamazoo, Portage & Mattawan, MI.

By Cheryl L. Dejewski “One of the best ways of improving your health is to plan regular check-ups—with your doctor, dentist and eye care specialis...

People are abusing methamphetamine more quickly than almost any other illegal drug. Meth addiction is one of the hardest from which to recover.

Ann Arbor is seeking the public's input for potential changes to a portion of Seventh Street that would involve removing on-street parking.

In the heat of the summer, most people remember to put on a bit of sunscreen before they head outdoors. However, what some people may neglect to protect are their

If colors now seem muted, faded or yellowed and lack the vibrancy they once had, you may have cataracts. Here is everything you need to know about cataracts.

There are some simple ways using which you can take care of your eyes at home. Try these now.

A 3-year-old Idaho girl has died days after her birthday party was interrupted when a knife-wielding attacker slashed six children and three adults, who struggled to halt the carnage. Ruya Kadir was being celebrated Saturday at an outdoor party when the attack took place.

Rescuers in Thailand were racing against time to extricate a youth soccer team trapped in partially flooded cave in advance of heavy rains forecast later this week. Interior Minister Anupong Paojinda said at least some of the players can't swim, further complicating the arduous rescue.

Even reading from the phone is banned under Georgia' hands-free driving law, which went into effect on Sunday