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Battle Creek police are investigating after a man was slashed in the face about 7:51 p.m. Sunday.

75-year-old Lester Eubanks, who was added to the '15 Most Wanted' list of fugitives on December 7th, is believed to be alive

Free downloadable articles on art therapy, trauma informed practice and expressive arts therapy.

Crews responded to the fire at a three story house on Rambling Lane Monday afternoon

Some symptoms are the result of other coexisting problems, not their clouding, dysfunctional lens (cataract).

At Trilogy, we don’t just provide senior care, we provide great experiences for seniors. We take quality of life to mean actually living life to its fullest and our programs are designed to help seniors do just that.

Why is the U.S. Department of Agriculture spending our tax dollars on...

Kellogg Community College student Damian Johnson enjoys being active as much as possible, and plans to turn his passion for fitness into a career
Johnson, 24, has had a passion for sports and fitness since he was a kid, from playing flag football and T-ball as a youngster to playing football, basketball and running track at Battle Creek Central High School, where he graduated in 2012.
After graduation, Johnson decided to attend KCC because it was close to home, affordable and he liked…

When your goals are virtue signaling and currying favor with like-minded activists and the media rather than serving your customers, this is the result.

The Third Circuit Court of Appeals ruled the Second Amendment is a second-rate right, not entitled to the full protections of other enumerated rights.