Business to Business in Baton Rouge, LA

BATON ROUGE -- The loss of quality educators and support staff -- along with possibilities of a teacher walkout -- will continue in Louisiana public schools until the state increases

India Business News: India has built 5.33 million tonne (MT) of emergency storage -- enough to meet its oil needs for 9.5 days, in underground rock caverns in Mangalore an

India Business News: A day after Air India director (operations) Capt Arvind Kathpalia failed the breathalyser test before he was to operate a Delhi-London flight, the ci

Teacher pay raises continue to be a hot topic for school officials. On Monday, president of the Louisiana Federation of Teachers and School Employees addressed members of the press, saying raises are long overdue.

A deputy with the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff’s Office was injured Monday night in a wreck.

“Why are we, the taxpayers of Louisiana, routinely paying for the mistakes of others?” asks Business Report Executive Editor JR Ball in his latest column. Why is it, Ball wonders, that “the taxpaying residents of this banana republic” have to pick up the financial tab when some elected official, government worker or university professor “thinks...

Firefighters responded to a house fire Monday afternoon that is believed to have been caused by burning power lines behind the home.

It’s been more than a year since the Metro Council approved an ordinance establishing rules for how and where telecommunications companies can place the small cell towers that will bring high-speed, 5G wireless technology to Baton Rouge. And it’s been four months since the council amended that ordinance, closing loopholes and addressing numerous problems in...

From bear tracks to brewing winter storms, keep an eye out for these signs of hazardous things coming.

The Secret Sister Gift Exchange is a popular scheme making its way around social media, but the Better Business Bureau warns to steer clear of this "illegal scam."

Want to achieve your fourth-season dreams? Lay the groundwork with these exercises.

BACKPACKER is hiring an assistant editor in our skills department.

Stan Lee helped create most of Marvel Comics' famous characters, including Spider-Man, the X-Men, Iron Man, Thor and the Hulk.

Intel just can't seem to catch a break. By now, almost everyone has heard about the dreaded Spectre and Meltdown vulnerabilities which have been plaguing the chip maker since they were first discovered. Now, it seems there's a new chip-based...

A Roman Catholic leader says church offices in Alabama and Mississippi will release the names of clergy members accused of sexually abusing minors.