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Existing state laws prohibiting vehicles from following too closely present a major hitch in mainstreaming truck platooning.

There can no longer be any dispute: electronic cigarettes, also known as “vapes,” are significantly less harmful to health than traditional combustible cigarettes. Not only are they less harmful,...

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The simple typically evolves into the complex when left unchecked. This is true for most everything from consumer products, to tax laws, to companies, to governments. Over time, they become more ar…

The terms “Information Technology” (IT) and “Operations Technology” (OT) have come into common use as a means of differentiating between the computers, networks and associated devices in manufactur…

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Health care insurance premiums will increase significantly next year as a result of the Affordable Care Act, and many consumers will be left with access to only a single insurance provider, according to administration officials. Arizona will see the biggest spike in prices (a whopping 116 percent), while Oklahoma will see a spike of 69 percent and Tennessee, Minnesota, and Alabama will see spikes of around 60 percent. The national average will be about 25 percent, the administration says.

Arkansas House of Representatives
#ARGIRLSLEAD is a movement started by the 18 women currently serving in the Arkansas House. Each of them have a unique story to share about their journey on the road to their current leadership position. The purpose of this movement is promote positive self image and leadership for young girls across the state. This is an opportunity for female lawmakers to use their own experiences and stories to help the next generation.