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I’m attending FEEcon, the annual conference held by the Foundation for Economic Education, this week, and there’s an overwhelming number of great speakers and presentations available. This afternoon, for example, panelists Jared Meyer, Javier Garcia, Jorge Jraissati, and Luis H. Ball examined the roots and possible solutions to the economic crisis in Venzuela.

The global race toward smart manufacturing is driving the use of advanced automation technologies such as machine vision (MV). MV has become a key technology in both manufacturing and quality control; however, MV is rapidly becoming a crucial building block for Industrie 4.0-enabled smart factory infrastructure. MV is an essential element for smart factory infrastructure, due to its characteristics such as efficient communicating network and the…

Yokogawa Electric Corporation announces OpreX, an all-new comprehensive brand for the company's industrial automation (IA) and control business.

L&T Technology Services Limited announced new Smart City, Campus & Building Solutions integrations with Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Field Service for its enterprise customers.

This week, the Competitive Enterprise Institute submitted comments to the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, on how it could improve its rulemaking to provide a better regulatory environment both for consumers and the financial industry.