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It has now been over a year since the U.S. House of Representatives passed the bipartisan SELF DRIVE Act by voice vote. Its companion bill, the Senate’s AV START Act, was passed out of the Commerce Committee on a unanimous vote nearly 10 months ago. Since then, the Senate has failed to bring it to a floor vote.

2,354 final federal rules so far in 2018. For extra info on major final rules and small business impacts, check the Regulation Overview .

Welcome to The Other National Debt -- The Cost of Regulation

A lot of best practices and knowledge were lost when experienced staffs left the companies during the oil price crisis. Aging and retiring workforce are compounding the staffing problems, exasperating the current shortage of experienced staffs.

Digital transformation has become an imperative for industrial companies and infrastructure operators. Whether it's called Industrial Internet of Things, Industry 4.0, or Digitization, companies want to leverage new technologies and broad connectivity to improve performance and enable new business models. Managers of facilities see opportunities to improve operational efficiency and asset performance. Equipment suppliers want to extend service offerings and increase the value of their products.

The digital transformation workforce maturity model ensures those human-centered questions stay front-and-center. ARC classifies this digital transformation workforce maturity in five stages: Discover & Inform, Pilot & Improve, Identify & Transition, Blend & Extend, and Transformed:summary

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