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Gene Fridman and Yun Guan investigate the idea of safe, implantable medical devices using direct electrical current to block pain signals
By Vanessa McMains on 06/22/2018
Johns Hopkins researchers say that recent experiments advance the search for implantable devices able to treat chronic pain from peripheral nerve injury or disease
“We have developed a potential new concept for neural implants that works differently than conventional electrical…

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Image-guided robot co-invented by Johns Hopkins neurosurgeon could improve screw-placement precision
Nicholas Theodore has done more than 30 procedures with the image-guided robot, adding to the more than 200 that have thus far been performed across the country
By Christen Brownlee on 07/01/2018
Most conventional brain surgeries use image guidance—systems that link CT scans or MRIs taken preoperatively to the patient during surgery so that surgeons…

I was the first one three years back who had made the presence of Daesh in Pakistan known when I disclosed the meetings in a mosque in Daska, Sialkot and

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The move to "abolish ICE" reaches Congress as several House Democrats file legislation to shutter the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency. House Republicans say that helps their chances of holding the House in November.

If you were thinking that the ancient Alpine traveler known as Otzi — and often known simply as Iceman — scraped by on a diet of foraged grasses and berries, you’d be very wrong.

The president was undiplomatic and boorish in Brussels, especially with Germany. Congress should finally be embarrassed enough to act.

Nacta had forwarded 12 threat alerts to the home ministries as well as law enforcement agencies.

ISLAMABAD: Six leading political contenders in Pakistan’s July 25 poll are being targeted by terrorists, according to the country’s National Counter Terrorism Authority (NATCA).

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You have to believe in abundance. Believe that you have more to give and by doing so more will come into your life. It’s the law of the universe. Like attracts like. In life the more you give…

One of the nation’s largest family-owned and operated real estate firms is partnering with the United Way to take part in 20 community service projects.

The Environmental Working Group analyzed recent data on supermarket meat from federal scientists and found antibiotic-resistant bacteria (aka "superbugs") in nearly 80 percent of those meats.

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Kuei-Ling Hsu, DDS, received a one-year grant awarded by Colgate to help study the molecular mechanisms of advanced tooth decay in socially disadvantaged youth.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), obesity affects more than one-third of adults and one in…

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