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Testicular tissue samples obtained from 189 males who were facing procedures that could imperil fertility were cryopreserved at one university, proving the feasibility of centralized processing and freezing of testicular tissue obtained from academic medical centers scattered around the world.

John McIntyre takes a break from dealing with defective prose to offer a sample of admirable prose.

Home buyers and sellers have faced uncertainty and delays after a ransomware attack locked up the city's real estate market.

During the summer, opportunities to eat and drink outside start to pop up left and right. Before you know it, you’re going to a barbecue every weekend, sipping beer on the back patio daily, and eating hamburger after hamburger in the mosquito-filled air. Along with sunburns and bee stings, one of the most prevalent hazards of the summer season is the excess of unhealthy food options. It’s easy to overdo it, especially when hot dogs, potato salad, and ice cream are calling your…

If the 885 million records were harvested, which contained bank account numbers and other personal information, it would rank among the biggest leaks of data on the internet.

Guardian Security provides complete home & business security services including total smart home management, wireless home monitoring and small business secu...

Aladdin is the latest Disney live-action remake of an animated classic. The 1992 original starred Robin Williams as the genie, and this time it's Will Smith. The genie is still blue and there's still a mischievous monkey. But director Guy Ritchie has some ideas of his own, too.

BGE will request an electric and gas distribution rate increase that would add $8.53 to the average residential customer's bill.

When it comes to Invokana sales, Johnson & Johnson needs a way to stop the bleeding. And it just got one step closer to a new indication in chronic kidney disease—a distinction its rival SGLT2 drugs don't have.

Known for his thoughtful, collaborative leadership style, Darryl Williams, Baltimore County's new school superintendent says he wants to build a strong team.

Maryland lawmakers passed hundreds of bills this year. Here’s a look at which ones became law and which ones were vetoed by Gov. Larry Hogan.

A researcher wanted to see how girls of different nationalities perceived the idea of a princess.

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Whether you are the CEO or the administrative assistant, you can demonstrate command presence by embracing the qualities and practicing the skills of emotional intelligence (EI). In this session, you will learn the characteristics and best practices of emotionally intelligent (EQ) leaders and gain insights into what you can do to demonstrate command presence in any situation. Alison Whitmire is the President of Learning in Action…