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19402018Then Traffic and streetcars cross the Hanover Street Bridge in 1940.Baltimore SunNow Traffic crosses the 101-year-old Hanover Street bridge between Port Covington and Cherry Hill.Jerry Jackson/Baltimore Sun

The Republican Party has essentially ceased to be a political party in our normal understanding of the term and has instead become an instrument of one man’s will.

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Myles Jones, Dylan Donahue, Matt Landis and Ryan Brown. Those were the four players drafted

At least seven of the 14 Bowie-area public schools tested for high concentrations of lead in their drinking water since 2017, according to an internal report from the county school system.

Are you about to send your last or only child off to college, making you an empty nester? NPR's Morning Edition wants to hear from you.

The L.A. Times didn't publish an editorial on freedom of the press in concert with 350 or so other papers.

A bill that would make internal police files open to the public for the first time in four decades cleared a key hurdle in the Legislature.

The new version from Teva Pharmaceuticals is the first that will be interchangeable with the original pen-like injector sold by Mylan.

The Food and Drug Administration approved the first generic version of EpiPen on Thursday, a move that will bring new competition for the lifesaving allergy injection that helped spark public furor over high drug prices.

The seven recordings any Aretha Franklin fan or neophyte should listen to.

She and her husband created a photo announcement akin to graduation, wedding and pregnancy announcement photo trends.

Elevated lead levels have been found in two of the Harford County schools tested so far under new state regulations, school system officials said.

A spy plane, fearsome fighter jets and a gigantic airlifter are some of the stars of air shows in the summer and fall of 2018 across the United States and Canada.

Although Ravens coach John Harbaugh said quarterback Joe Flacco could have played longer against the Los Angeles Rams a week ago, he said, “For our starting quarterback, or for your veteran players, you have an ‘up to’ number of plays.”

Aretha Franklin didn’t have style; she was style. Aretha was a “more is more” icon.

Hot and humid conditions are forecast in the Baltimore region Thursday and Friday, helping to create unhealthy levels of air pollution, National Weather Service forecasters said. A "Code Orange" air quality alert is in effect, indicating unhealthy conditions for sensitive groups.