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Members of the Ravens special teams unit can take solace in knowing that their gaffes did not cost the team a victory Sunday against the Denver Broncos, but there is still considerable work to be done.

"Sometimes, life gives you lemons. Sometimes, it gives you bananas," says the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. "And sometimes, it gives you something you'd never expect!"

A plume of smoke was visible not far from the Moria camp on the Greek island of Lesbos. The number of migrants and refugees arriving in Greece by sea has soared this year.

Baltimore Sun writers and editors weigh in on the Ravens-Broncos game Sunday at M&T Bank Stadium.

Some evacuees are unwilling or unable to bring their pets with them, leaving them in a dangerous position. Rescuers have been tracking down scared animals in danger and bringing them to safety.

Martin David Jones (MM ’90, DMA ‘93, Piano) released an album, Gulda Piano Music, in April, and it has received good reviews. MusicWeb International, Classical-Modern Music Review, and Gramophone a…

Hourly wage required to rent a two bedroom unit by state
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
West Virginia
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
South Dakota
(to afford 2 BDR Unit)
South Carolina
(to afford…

Fertility rates at around the current US level do not pose severe problems – and bring some benefits.

New research suggests that people who embrace ambiguity are more likely to trust other people.

Pakistan is dear to all of us as it is not just a piece of land but an identity for each one of us and is proud home for all of us. Every citizen is Pakistan

Secret Baltimore Comedy Factory
Age Requirement: This is a 21 and over club.
There is a 2 drink minimum in the showroom. Soda, juice and water qualify. If you aren't drinking alcohol, the Bottomless is your only option. $12.50 for unlimited soda, juice and water.
No one will be permitted in the show room 45 minutes after your scheduled show time.
There is a dress code to enter the Baltimore Comedy Factory. The…

A limestone statue of a World War I warrior stands at Baltimore Cemetery. It’s a memorial to Otto C. Phillips, a private from Baltimore who was killed in action 100 years ago in the Battle of Montfaucon in Northeast France.

From the seat of the Cadillac DeVille convertible that he and Mayor Catherine Pugh rode in, Ray Lewis grinned wide and waved to passersby as Ravens fans chanted and marching bands played ahead.

The Wall Street Journal (9/20, Ulick, McKay, Subscription Publication) reports that according to a study published Thursday in the journal Science, opioids aren’t the only driver of rising drug ove…

Kaiser Health News (9/20, Bailey) reports that for the families of many older dementia patients, Hurricane Florence was a catalyst for assessing care options for their loved ones. For the nearly 5 …

MedPage Today (9/20, Walsh) reports, “Arthritis is a common comorbidity among older adults with depressive symptoms, diagnosed in up to two-thirds of patients with depression,” researchers conclude…