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Police are searching for a man suspected of violentlyassaulting his girlfriend on Wednesday morning. Police said they arrived around 4:30 a. m. at the 3200 block of Fortier Street and found a woman suffering form injuries described as "major. " After further investigation, police determined her boyfriend, 23-year-oldEzequiel Anguian, assaulted the woman. Anguian was last seen driving a2002 Maroon Ford Taurus with a Utah license plate.

Bakersfield police are looking for a man wanted on suspicion of violently attacking his girlfriend, leaving her seriously wounded.

Police want help tracking down two men suspected of breaking into a Bakersfield home. The burglary took place in the 8000 block of North Laurelglen Boulevard just after 11 a. m. Wednesday morning. Officers say the resident heard noises coming from her garage. Police say when she went to investigate the noise the two suspects confronted her. She fired one shot at the suspects from her legally owned firearm, at which time both suspects ran away.

DELANO, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - After news came out that the Medical Board of California was investigating Delano doctor Sadegh Salmassi for possibly overprescribing opioid medications to a patient, he received an outpouring of support on Facebook from patients who are in disbelief that he could ever be guilty of the allegations. Annette and Danny Carter have been patients of Salmassi for the past 30 years, and consider him their family doctor.

Bakersfield police say a woman stopped a potential burglary at her home by firing a single shot at two would-be thieves.

Two people escaped serious injury from a rollover crash Wednesday morning in South Bakersfield.

California City police say a man has barricaded himself a home on Wednesday. The man has told police that he has a bomb. Police said they have evacuated the immediate area around the home, which is on Lindbergh Boulevard and Mitchell Boulevard, near the Cal City Airport.. Roads will be temporarily closed due to the ongoing police activity. Police have not released any further information at this time.

SEBRING, Fla. (AP) - A gunman opened fire inside a Florida bank Wednesday, killing five people before surrendering to a SWAT team, police said.The shooter called police to report that he had fired shots inside the bank in Sebring, in central Florida. Negotiations failed to persuade the barricaded man to leave the building. The SWAT team then entered the bank, and the gunman eventually gave up, police said.

Police in Stallion Springs arrested two suspects last week following a home burglary. Police said around 5 p. m. they arrived at a home on the 30000 block of Condor Place and found the home had been burglarized. Officers searched the area and found a suspect vehicle that belonged to 19-year-oldMichael Aguilar. Officers arrested Aguilar following a traffic stop.

WASHINGTON (AP) - President Donald Trump said Wednesday night he is postponing his State of the Union address until the partial government shutdown ends, yielding after a weeklong showdown with House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

An Arizona state senator has proposed a new law that would raise funds for a border wall by taxing pornography. KVOA's Nick VinZant reports.

SAN FRANCISCO (AP) - Proposals by a U.S. judge to prevent Pacific Gas & Electric Co. equipment from causing more wildfires would endanger lives, could cost as much as $150 billion and would interfere with the work of federal and state regulators, the utility said Wednesday in a court filing urging the judge not to impose the measures.

To build higher than Billy Penn felt like a slight to the city's founder. Some feared it would make Philadelphia's skyline just like every other big city. What it's become is modern and distinct.

Possible human remains have been found in the backyard of a home in Southwest Bakersfield. BPD has not yet confirmed if the remains are human.

Civilians now have the chance to get an inside look at the challenges faced by deputies.

Church services canceled tonight!
Due to the possibility of the melted snow refreezing tonight and making our parking lot and sidewalks unsafe, we have decided to cancel tonight's services. I look forward to seeing you on Sunday morning.
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A Bakersfield woman captured on video dragging a small dog behind an electric scooter was employed as a psychologist at a Delano prison, according to the state Department of Corrections

Vicodin, Norco, and oxycontin. These are all opioid pain killers your doctor can prescribe to you. According to Healthy Kern County, a database of Kern County hospitals, there's nearly 200 deaths from overdosing each year. Now, a new law is designed to lower that number. It requires doctors to co-prescribe a drug that can reverse an overdose. The drug is called naloxone or Narcan.