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To build higher than Billy Penn felt like a slight to the city's founder. Some feared it would make Philadelphia's skyline just like every other big city. What it's become is modern and distinct.

Take a close look at Homewood through these beautiful photos from the Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer Martha Rial.

A team of brain researchers have published results from a multi-year hockey concussion study, which tracked young Junior A male ice hockey players using a new brainwave monitoring method called 'brain vital signs.' The study showed that 'brain vital signs' -- a breakthrough for analyzing complex brainwave data to provide a simple and objective physiological evaluation of brain function -- is more sensitive in detecting brain function changes related to concussion than existing clinical tests.

Reg CF (or Regulation Crowdfunding as it is inconveniently called) is a securities exemption that enables companies to raise up to $1.07 million online via a regulated funding portal or broker-dealer. The concept of a funding portal was created alongside the exemption which was part

I can still remember the time I realised the nurses weren’t speaking a different language, I just couldn’t understand or process the words people were saying

Brad Taylor has been on a roll pretty much since the moment his first

The objective of the present study was to provide a nationally representative psychiatric epidemiologic investigation of traumatic brain injury (TBI) and its co-morbid conditions. Data from the...

Featuring never-before-reported details and exclusive interviews with the boys, their families, and rescue workers, the inspiring true story of how twelve members of the Wild Boar Academy Football Club and their coach survived nine days in a labyrinthine cave in Northern Thailand, and of the incredible men and women who pulled off one of the greatest rescues of all time.For nine days twelve y

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From the food-stoked star of the A&E series Scraps and the National Chef of Sur La Table, a ground-breaking cookbook that reshapes the way you look at ingredients and makes the most out of every resource in the kitchen, featuring 150 color photographs and 100 ingenious recipes that expand your mind, the way you cook, and how you live.Have you ever felt guilty throwing out food?

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NASA has city planning guidelines that say future space cities should be exactly what urbanists advocate for here on Earth: walkable, transit-oriented, dense, and inclusive. – prepare and e-file your federal and state income taxes online. Fast, easy tax filing and your maximum refund is guaranteed. Free 1040EZ returns.

What started as an egg-throwing prank in suburban Houston, Texas, ended with a 14-year-old facing a murder charge after the SUV he was driving plowed into a truck and killed a woman, according to the Harris County Sheriff's Office.
The teen driver and his passengers were reportedly throwing eggs at other cars before the crash, Harris County Sheriff Ed Gonzalez said via Twitter.

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Sheryl sees good results in the treatment of her arthritis pain in the foot and hip with cold laser therapy available in TexStar Chiropractic. Contact TexSta...

I had a chance to ask Tim Cummings & Ana Monsalve a few questions about their experience farming coffee in Columbia. Tim is an Arizona native, and moved to Columbia and now grows coffee.