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Making Sense of Air Conditioning Options With so many air conditioning systems out there, how can you know which one is the best for your home or business? How can you tell if the one you’ve already got is good enough? Here are a few pointers to help make sense of AC quality and performance. …

The latest information regarding the FDA's recent alert regarding a possible link between grain-free dog foods and heart disease

Certain aspects of insurance bad faith are well known, particularly to insurance coverage practitioners. For instance, it is widely understood that an insurer commits bad faith if it fails to pay upon or otherwise honor a claim without reasonable justification for its refusal. It is, conversely, generally understood that an insurer cannot be liable for bad faith failure to pay a claim if it obtains a…

Golf Channel lead coach Todd Sones explains why we shouldn't be conscience of choosing to putt with an arc or with a straight back and through path.

Looking to celebrate the second half of the year? The Winking Lizard Tour of Beers is a great way to try some of Northeast Ohio's local brews -- and earn some fun swag along the way.

When you have the impulse to say no, see if you can find words that accomplish these goals instead.

Tired of taking the kind of fast-paced beach vacation that leaves you spinning? The following beach towns across the United States offer a slower pace...

Commercial HVAC requires different systems, methods, and strategies for cooling or heating your building with the utmost efficiency.

Find out how kids across the country are making the world a better place, without having to go far from home.

Go to the park on a Sunday afternoon, and you'll probably notice that people of every shape, size, and fitness level are running.

City Special Events consisting of Cinema in the Park, Community Footraces, Line Dancing and permitting for film and events.

By The Goddard School • November 5th, 2013
Instilling confidence in young children helps them develop their social skills and a sense of self-worth. When we feel good about ourselves it shows; situations seem easier to handle and we communicate in a more upbeat and positive manner. That positivity can spread to others. Smiles are contagious
Children need to feel validated and loved. Their parents’ positive…

I describe 3 ways you'll get blacklisted by college coaches, and other things to avoid in recruiting for your sport.

Do you want to stand out among the local competition? Focusing on local SEO tactics can make all the difference. Learn more here.

By The Goddard School • April 1st, 2014
Some children are naturally organized, but messy children can learn organization skills. Whether
your children are messy or neat, the executive function skills of planning and organizing will help them accomplish goals, complete tasks at school and enjoy success in life
You can help your children develop their abilities to plan and organize. Below are a few tips…

Start to finish: 45 minutes Hands on time: 25 minutes There’s a lot of talk about superfoods nowadays and how certain foods are packed with vitamins and minerals. This salad is my stab at throwing all the good stuff in one bowl and making dinner out of it. Good for you is a fine goal, but delicious… now that’s what I’m talking about. A combination of brown rice, pearled durum...Read More...

President Donald Trump stopped by the Greenbrier on Tuesday to deliver a speech, and he praised several PGA Tour players in attendance.

Weekend mornings have different starting times for us all, especially with busy summer schedules. You may be setting an early alarm or grabbing a chance to snooze for a few extra hours. Either way, a morning meal awaits and, if time allows, a leisurely brunch is something to take advantage of. Fresh fruit is the perfect addition to your midday meal. How about incorporating it into your beverages, too? We’re not suggesting blueberries...Read More...

What type of rental you get for your family will depend on a lot of factors, including location, lifestyle, and budget. As you begin to research that...

This recipe and photos were provided by Sally Roeckell of Table and Dish and were originally published at as a part of the Heinen’s 4 P.M. Panic Series. Time to fire up that grill! For this week’s 4PM Panic post, I’m sharing my Whiskey burger recipe. Once you try these burgers you may never go back to a boring, old, plain burger again. Usually I like to share several pretty photos of the food...Read More...

Shop the Angie Floral Short for Women at The Buckle carries the latest Angie products and styles, so come back often. Shop at today!

Who we are and what we do at Interventional Radiology in Albany and Latham, NY.

We’re all looking for the best-of-the-best vacation destination for the summer. It’s always good to switch it up now-and-again from your...

$ 70/GOLFER or $280 per team
Start Time: 8:30 AM
Fundraiser to benefit the Athletes of Avon through Hall of Fame events, including Induction Ceremony Weekend. Hall of Fame awards Scholarships to graduating Avon Seniors
1st and 2nd place, 50/50, Bob-O-Link Golf Pass raffle, gift card/prize drawings
If you are a business interested in hole sponsorship or…

There are several options and configurations out there to consider for your heating and cooling system.

Find out what you need to do to maintain your home in July, including water heater and driveway maintenance, cleaning drains, and inspecting your crawlspace.

You don’t have to suffer from poor indoor air quality (IAQ) in your home this summer if you follow these simple tips from Stack.