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The heat index is expected to be above 110 degrees in some spots.

The number of people who were taken into custody has not been confirmed. FIEL says few people are answering their doors at this time.

NEW YORK—Frantically searching through the latest lightning deals and price slashes while sitting in his darkened room, Amazon customer Franklin Harris was reportedly forced to piss in a bottle Monday in order to keep up with Prime Day deals. “Christ, I’ve been busting my ass scrolling through deals for 12 hours already, but I just know if I step away to the bathroom for even a second, Amazon will be all over me about some KitchenArt Stand Mixer that’s half-off,” said Harris before…

The lawsuit alleges officer Pedro Garza III was poisoned by carbon monoxide gas inside his Ford Explorer police unit in July 2017.

In one of the nation's poorest counties, a local church is trying to help by building a community to support those in recovery.

A new study found the HPV vaccine has outperformed the expectations of doctors due to its ability to prevent the HPV-related illnesses, even in those without vaccination, raising hopes of eliminating cervical cancer entirely. What do you think?

MIAMI—As you gaze incredulously down at the body on the floor and the horror of what you just did begins to dawn on you, eyewitnesses at the scene confirmed Monday that oh my God, you—you killed her! “Jesus Christ. Jesus Christ! She’s dead!” stunned bystanders could be heard exclaiming over the sudden wail of the approaching sirens, adding that oh shit, oh shit, she couldn’t have survived that, you fucking killed her. “Why? Why do that to her? No. No. No, no, no…

A polluted lake in the Siberian city of Novosibirsk has become a popular Russian social media destination.

The folks at Mondo have provided with your exclusive first look at their officially licensed Jaws Tiki Mug, which will be available at the Mondo booth during San Diego Comic-Con!

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Oklahoma police say they found an open bottle of Kentucky Deluxe whiskey, a rattlesnake and a container of radioactive uranium powder, among other things, when they pulled over a pair of suspects in a stolen vehicle.

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