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Facing plumbing issues is very common in every household. Various methods available on the internet can help you learn how to fix these issues on your own.

By The Goddard School • August 15th, 2013
Jack Maypole, MD
Infants and toddlers are like wobbly ninjas, focused maniacally on tasting and mouthing items from coins to blocks to the odd flotsam and jetsam that lives on living room floors. Parents know to beware, to police an area well…as you never know what they’ll pop in their mouth next. Infant and toddler oral fixation is…

Working at the age of 65, is not the same as working at 20. Working for decades can take a toll on employees, as they near retirement age. However, a phased retirement can offer a situation that works well for both the worker and the employer, according to the Missoulian...

A growing number of Texans are turning to a little-known state mediation program to deal with surprise hospital bills. However, the program is likely only

Some of the most hilarious reactions from people waking up from Anesthesia after surgery. ✔️ Care to subscribe? goo.gl/uFNaA3 ✔️ Turn on notifications...

They Live, We Sleep. Grab your sunglasses, your bubblegum, and your shotgun - Death Waltz Recording Company is bringing back John Carpenter and Alan Howarth'...

AUSTIN - The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is asking for the public's help in solving the 1994 homicide of Kelly Gaspard, and an increased reward of up to $6,000 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest

The Austin Police Department has ordered a third-party audit of sexual assault investigations after state auditors found it misclassified certain rape

All plumbers know how to deal with leaking pipes, toilets, and faucets. With some experience, they can easily call themselves professional plumbers.

Updated at 5:42 p.m. ET Four Americans were killed in an explosion while conducting a routine patrol in northern Syria, according to the Pentagon. The

Where else can you let your child have a night out of fun that includes gymnastics, trampoline, pit time, recreational swimming, games, snack, and a full length movie (G-PG) on a HUGE movie screen? The fun filled night starts at 6:30 pm and pickup is at 11:00 pm. Don't forget to bring your bathing suit and towel!

PHARR, TX - Texas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller was sworn in yesterday, January 14, in a fashion that looked to highlight trade and immigration across the Texas border. The official chose to be sworn in at the Pharr International Bridge rather than in Austin—a first ever for the state, according to multiple reports.

Now is the time to handle those details you have overlooked. There may be a number of estate planning details that you have not addressed in previous years. This year is a good year to get it done, according to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, in “As a new year closes in,...

🍾 It’s time to pop the champagne! 🍾
Now that the New Year is upon us, we thought it’d be nice to look back at 2018 and recognize some of the outstanding businesses in Brentwood this past...

Major League Soccer is officially coming to Austin. "Austin is a perfect fit for Major League Soccer and Major League Soccer is a perfect fit for the city

Joy Stoddard shares how her organization is improving women’s lives through microcredit loans and how Austin women can help make a difference.

Customize slippers of your pet dog, cat or other animal! Follow our simple 1-2-3 ordering process: upload a photo, enter unique details and submit. Shop now!

Last year, an explosion in a school in Minneapolis resulted in the deaths of two individuals while more than 9 people were reported to be injured.

Prak Property Management Inc. has been digging into savings to keep some of its low-income properties in Austin running. “It’s like a savings account that

The peroneal nerve plays an important role in controlling motion in your foot, but a damaged nerve can lead to a condition known as foot drop.

Sleeping fewer than six hours a night or waking frequently during the night raises the risk of plaque buildup throughout the body, not just in the heart, a new study says.

We do the work, and you just look fabulous and enjoy your new look!

Thefts happen in barns, at horse shows, and from pastures. Learn how to keep your horses, possessions, and people safe.

If Social Security will be 40% of your income, where does the rest come from? Social Security was never intended to be your total retirement funding, so you need as many revenue streams as possible, according to U.S. News & World Report in an article that compares “Pension vs. 401(k).”...

Award season may have come to Hollywood, but in Texas, the stars will shine just as bright in February as the biennial Texas Medal of Arts Awards honor the artistic ...