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Chorus singer Darwin Prakash never intended to sing professionally until a chance meeting five years ago.

Forecasting the storm of developments between the state Capitol and I-35. Also, NPR warned and ACL Fest confirms: Austin’s pop soloists are stepping up.

Marfa Myths is a quixotic music festival unlike any other. Its tiny West Texas hometown faces the dilemma of becoming "too cool."

| Государственное научное учреждение «Институт истории Национальной академии наук Беларуси»

This is one in a series of videos we created for the Austin Chamber's A-List Awards event in 2019. In this video, A-List finalists answer the question "What…

This is one in a series of videos we created for the Austin Chamber's A-List Awards event in 2019. In this video, A-List finalists answer the question "Who…

This is one in a series of videos we created for the Austin Chamber's A-List Awards event in 2019. In this video, A-List finalists answer the question "What…

Tips on what to say and do to help a friend who is struggling with infertility.

THIS 1/19/19 WEEKEND: TUNE INTO or DVR THE #TexasMusic Scene hosted by Jack Ingram at Arlyn Studios. Wade Bowen gives us a second look at his 2018 album 'Sol...

Get the full story at: www.rollingstone.com/ Subscribe to Rolling Stone on YouTube: bit.ly/1uGwgGg Check out www.rollingstone.com for th...

Federal weather forecasters are predicting a "near normal" number of storms this hurricane season, which runs from June 1 through November 1.

We understand that members have many questions when it comes to references, so we’ve put together the following frequently asked questions to help!

The basics of estate planning can deal with various situations. Since family situations differ greatly, there can be challenges and opportunities as the members deal with estate planning basics, according to the Chicago Tribune in “Dealing with property transfers and gift taxes.” In a situation in the article, the family...

Musical Bridges Around the World has been recognized by an international organization dedicated to balancing consumerism with a focus on the arts.

There’s no better way to enjoy Austin’s natural beauty than by taking in a panoramic view. Hill Country, Lake landscapes and city scenes can be enjoyed from these luxurious listings.

One Texas Right to Life (TRTL) lawyer has posted an update on Facebook about the “rescue” of Mrs Carolyn Jones. I’m afraid that, as with the declaration that another patient was &…

The next generation may be willing to continue. However, it is important to prepare for the legal issues. If it turns out that the next generation of a family with a farm want to work it, you have a good start at succession. However, you will also need an estate...

In case you haven't noticed, we take music seriously here in Austin. From the official city motto, "Live Music Capital of the World," to the

- 4:30-6pm workshop - Following the performance, Olivia O'Hare and Veronica DeWitt will facilitate a participatory workshop open to the public. We will use exercises from the DanceAbility method of improvisational dance to offer a direct experience of dance as a way to explore the theme of care as well as respond to Cruzvillegas' idea of autoconstruccion - to make something out of nothing - in relationship to identity - how can we know who we are until we allow the time to…

What are the best stretches to get moving in the morning? Try these total body morning stretches for physical therapy.

AUSTIN - The Texas Department of Public Safety is asking for the public's help in solving the 1993 disappearance of Stephane Meeks Henderson, and an increased reward of up to $6,000 is being offered for information

Here are this week's most streamed Texas/Red Dirt singles on Spotify! (Click the image below) Enter your email address below to keep up with the latest happenings and music of the Texas/Red Dirt Scene! I would like to receive the newsletter Every day there is new content Twice a week (Every Monday and Thursday) Once a week (Every Friday) 5,350 SubscribersLeave this field empty if you're human: Check out all of the songs on our "Top Texas and Red Dirt Singles" Playlist! (Playlist…

It can get tricky, if you have an age gap or earnings gap. When a couple starts thinking about Social Security, they had best do the research because there are some costly mistakes that can be made, according to Considerable in “How couples can avoid a costly Social Security mistake.”...

AUSTIN - The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) honored the Texas Troopers, Special Agents and Texas Rangers who have lost their lives in the line of duty throughout the department’s history

Maternal depression often goes untreated. Mom’s mental health is a vital aspect of a child’s well-being, too.

Custom orthotics and braces are podiatry tools that can help you relieve pain, support your feet, and regain mobility and independence.

Use these resources to dig deep in your search for where Texas’ state dollars come from.

Local beekeepers Tanya Phillips and Laura Weaver joined forces to reverse the global extinction of bees with their new Texas Honey Bee Farm.

Members of the First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs dedicated their new home and formally opened its doors on Sunday.

Please join us for the "First Mass" of brand new Paulist Fr. Evan Cummings being celebrated at the Church of St. Paul the Apostle in New York City.

The second annual My Tejano Awards will showcase the past, present and future of Tejano music at the Mission Event Center in Mission, Texas on Sunday, May 19.

Dianne's Italy Adventure | Classical music inspires and restores the human spirit. KMFA handcrafts exceptional classical music experiences on-air, online, and in community.