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Don Baldridge, president of commercial for DCP Midstream, has been elected chairman of the Texas Pipeline Association (TPA). The association formally made the announcement at its annual meeting. “Don’s deep-rooted industry experience will be invaluable to the Texas Pipeline Association and its member companies,” said TPA President Thure Cannon. “I look forward to working withRead More

It is no surprise that when we look at many of our national and local elections, we often find ourselves not voting for a person we want but voting for the lesser of evils. The world is in a leadership crisis, and the answer is not more training or more education. The answer is God. God is the ultimate leader and the reproducer of leaders. In fact, Scripture declares that there is no authority but that which comes from God (Romans 13:1). Leadership…

How Chris met the God of mercy and restoration...
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Kennicott Brothers is a national wholesale florist specializing in fresh flowers & design supplies for florists, event planners & floral design professionals.

Jewel-Osco President, Paul Gossett & Anthony Rizzo discuss our Hopeful Holidays Campaign.

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Habitat for Humanity will soon give one family the chance to buy an affordable, award-winning home. This home will focus on green energy sources.

Giveaway sponsored by Jewel Osco, Bushman's Potatoes and Nickey Performance

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Ingredients 1 jar of your favorite Alfredo Sauce 1 package of Arugula & Spinach Mix, about 3 to 4 Cups 1 Bag of Chateau Mini Potato Dumplings 1 Bag of Frozen Corn or about 1 Cup of Corn cut from the cob 1 teaspoon each of garlic powder, paprika, salt, and black pepper Steps Saute …

A heroic young prince works to free the beautiful swan maiden from an evil.

An ambitious start-up company conceived at the University of Denver seeks to change the charity world by allowing online readers to donate between 25 cents and $2 to pre-vetted nonprofits at their moment of inspiration -- with just a few clicks.

Give A Thanksgiving Meal And More To A Needy Neighbor For Only $2.25
Your gift today will provide more than just a meal… it gives needy neighbors so many reasons to be thankful. For some, this will be the first time they will experience a sober holiday. To an abused mom and child, it could be the first holiday free from a violent past. For someone in prison, this can be the pathway to rebuild their broken lives. But for each person you…

Made in Plymouth, WI, Sargento was first made by putting slices of cheese through a pasta cutter!

Funk Away is THE odor eliminator...made locally in Waukegan, IL!

On September 9, 2018 I got to go see Legally Blonde. Here's my Review. Wanna see it for yourself? Get tickets here.

What's the early word on the pre-Broadway premiere of 'August Rush' at the Paramount Theatre? Look to 'Color Purple' at the Auditorium.