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Hot weather can cause heat-related illness which ranges in severity from relatively mild heat cramps to life-threatening heat stroke. Among weather-related events, periods of extremely hot weather, known as heat waves, are a leading cause of death. Illinois experienced this first-hand in July, 1995 when a heat wave contributed to more than 700 deaths in the Chicago area. Here we address commonly asked questions about hot…

At-home colonoscopy alternatives are gaining popularity, but are they as convenient as they seem?

For a cool, summer drink, mash kiwi and strawberries and mix with plain seltzer and ice.

Reports of tick-borne illness are increasing in Chicagoland and Wisconsin, federal data shows.

U.S. and World News On Tuesday night, the United States and North Korea signed a historic document that included establishment of new US-DPRK relations, building a lasting and stable peace regime, …

Low back pain (LBP) is one of the most common of all painful conditions, as up to 36% of the population will experience it at least once every year. For most of these individuals, the first episode of LBP is not the last, and in some cases, the pain can become a long-term problem. This shows just how important it is to utilize effective treatments for LBP. There are numerous treatments available for patients with LBP, but not all lead to the same…

An expert shares insights on what to watch for indicating a loved one, or yourself, should seek help.

It’s not uncommon to consider graduate school life-changing, but a single course? Yet, CityCraft®, a class offered to graduate students in the Master’s in Real Estate and the Built Environment program, is having that effect on students. The course is more of a philosophy, where students learn how to restore communities economically, environmentally and socially. …

Labor Temps, a leading staffing company in the Chicagoland area, discusses common quality management issues that can keep business leaders up at night.

A colorful and flavorful dish! Click here for this yummy recipe!

If it's your first time using self-storage you may be wondering - are storage units secure? Some people may not realize that keeping your belongings safe in a storage unit is actually a team effort. Here's how we reduce the risk of storage unit theft.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the number of births are at a 30-year low.

Spending time with baseball's youngest players has given this coach some valuable insight.

U.S. and World News The White House plans to move ahead with its goal of reducing the trade deficit with China by $200 billion by introducing trade tariffs by June 15th. In May, China’s trade surpl…

Interest Rate Third 10 months
*APY (Annual Percentage Yield) and interest rate effective 6/4/2018 and subject to change without notice. Minimum balance to open is $5,000. Minimum balance to obtain APY is $1,000. Maximum deposit is $250,000 per household. Money must remain on deposit for full 30 month term to receive the stated APY. Substantial penalty for closing CD before maturity if not within…

I always believe that regardless of whether it’s business or in regular day-to-day life, that you can’t be everything for everybody. Being honest with...

There are many things you need when moving out of your parents' house. What about the items you don’t need but might want eventually? Make sure your parents don't throw out important momentos of yours by following this checklist while packing.

Visit us at booth #4835 at the Architecture Expo, June 21–22.
The Architecture Expo at A'18 isn't just an expo hall—it's a 200,000 sq. ft. materials playground! Explore the latest products and technologies and visit our booth where we'll have our top teams on hand to provide you with the solutions you need for your business. To receive your complimentary Expo Pass admission, click on the button below and choose the Expo Pass package during the registration process.

Dip chicken strips in the egg-nut mixture, then bake. Serve with bottled chutney.

A recent study suggests a little body language can go a long way.

Find out if you're at risk for the most common form of heart disease coronary heart disease with our simple & affordable heart CT scan. Call 1-800-323-8622.

Nobody wants to spend time after a long workday cleaning and organizing their home. Learn how to keep your house organized all week long by doing these four things daily. They are easy tasks that’ll help you maintain a clutter-free home and spend more time doing the things you enjoy!

It's the 125th anniversary of the 1893 World's Fair in Chicago, so Jewel-Osco celebrated with some fun events! Featuring brands like Aunt Jemima, Vienna Beef...

Joints are the area where two bones come together, and the end of each joint is surrounded by a protective layer called articular cartilage, which cushions your bones and protects them from rubbing against one another. When this cartilage diminishes, the condition that results is called osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis is the most common form of arthritis and the leading cause of disability and pain in middle-aged and…

The institute for Enterprise Ethics was established at the Daniels College of Business as the vehicle to extend the University of Denver's expertise and resources in business ethics to the practitioner community of executives, officers and directors of commercial and social enterprises in the region. With its focus on Enterprise Ethics and Compliance, Enterprise Leadership and Governance, and Enterprise Social Responsibility and Sustainability, the Institute’s mission is to help executives, offi

Labor Temps, a leading temporary staffing company in the Chicagoland area, discusses how community colleges are creating manufacturing leaders.

Low unemployment in the U.S. may be a sign of a strong economy but it's also bringing challenges to many companies. They are struggling to fill open position...

There are a lot of urban myths about the medication out there. A sleep medicine specialist helps sort fact from fiction.

A Lake Zurich couple who have traveled the country during their 45 years of marriage renewed their vows Sunday at a Starbucks coffee shop in their local Jewel Food Store.

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"It's all about perspective," one man says, after writing a list entitled, "100 Good Things About Being Diagnosed with Cancer."