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In celebration of the 50th anniversary of the Moon landing and President Kennedy’s vision that launched the effort to get there, the John F. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum, with Ambassador Caroline Kennedy, will host a day-long symposium highlighting the history that led to the first Moon landing, current scientific and technological space initiatives, and the future of space exploration.

Special Message to the Congress on Civil Rights and Job Opportunities
June 19, 1963
To the Congress of the United States:
Last week I addressed to the American people an appeal to conscience--a request for their cooperation in meeting the growing moral crisis in American race relations. I warned of "a rising tide of discontent that threatens the public safety" in many parts of the country. I emphasized that "the events in Birmingham and elsewhere have so increased the cries for equality that…

'Experience a beloved fairy tale in a whole new way in this fun and funky puppet show adaptation of the classic story that sets it in a modern-day city complete with alley cats, beauty shops and exercise videos! Perfect for kids of all ages (but witty enough that the adults will enjoy it, too), Jon Ludwig’s Beauty and the Beast shows that trash can be turned into treasure and true love always prevails. With catchy, original tunes and a running time of just…

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This story is in the late Jerry Parr’s book “In the Secret Service”. Parr was the agent who saved Reagan’s life.

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About income inequality. About corporate power. About corrupt politics. And about being America’s next president.

A family has taken the first step to file a lawsuit against Phoenix police after they say officers threatened to shoot them during a shoplifting investigation.

This summery dish walks the line between tangy, juicy tomato salad and hearty pasta salad To make it, ripe tomatoes are marinated with capers, garlic, basil and lots of good olive oil until they almost fall apart, creating a wonderfully soupy dressing for the pasta Then the pasta is added while still hot to mix; as it cools, it absorbs all the bright flavors

Despite the glitz, glamor and gaggery of the balls, Ryan Murphy’s 'Pose' has always been a show about activism. No episode of the show has better displayed that fact than Tuesday night’s (June 11) season 2 premiere, “Acting Up.”

You can buy advance tickets at by clicking on any Tickets link; at, the website of the Michigan Union Ticket Office; by phone at (734) 763-8587, and in person at the Michigan Union Ticket Office. Buy in person at The Ark starting 30 minutes before until 75 minutes after showtimes.

High Steppin' (Official Video) Song available everywhere now: Connect with The Avett Brothers: www.face...

No shows July 4
Trash is turned into treasure and true love prevails when this classic tale hip-hops its way into a modern day city complete with alley cats, beauty shops, and exercise videos
Themes: Fables/folktales, friendship, families, urban neighborhoods
Puppetry Styles: Found object, Czech black
Create-A-Puppet Workshop™: Burly Beast Rod Puppet
Sensory-Friendly Programming
12-5pm: Create-A-Puppet Workshops™
Guests will be welcomed by staff members who have…

Mark Frauenfelder is a much-admired journalist, blogger, editor, illustrator and maker. Boing Boing, the zine-turned-blog that he and his wife started in 1988, is now revered as one of the Internet’s go-to sources for articles about Internet, tech and geek culture. He’s also the editor-in-chief of Make, a website and magazine for creative DIYers working …

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