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Many of you may have noticed there is a white barrel in the place of the hammock in one of the giant panda dayrooms. As is often the case, the hammock needed a bit of cleaning so, in the meantime, we decided to put up one of our many leafeater biscuit feeder devices. After Yang … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Monday, July 16"

Grant seekers should look for different sources of money for each project rather than looking for foundations that will pay for a comprehensive program, say two experts.

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‘Love Is Bigger Than Anything In Its way’ from the album ‘Songs of Experience’, out now - Beck joined forces with U2 on...

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Details remain to be worked out and contracts still must be signed but the industrial development authority has announce

History suggests Earth's carrying capacity for humans is not fixed. It is many orders of magnitude greater than when we began our journey on this planet.

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Hydroponics growing system: How to build a DIY Aeroponics growing system using a 5 Gallon Bucket. There are many forms of hydroponics growing systems out the...

I picked up a couple of Aeroponics Systems called Aero-Pots from a company called Happy Hydroponics. Aeroponics is a form of hydroponics which makes use of a...

'Georgia\'s premier professional wrestling performance center, One Fall Wrestling/Power Factory, joins forces with M.U.S.E. to present a night of dramatic athleticism that will forever alter the fabric of sports and entertainment. The superstars of tomorrow converge on the Atlanta Technical College\'s Denard Conference Center Auditorium on the unforgiving path to becoming \"ICONIC\"!

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When Fairley High School alumni and former teacher Cafabian Heard first walked on to the campus of Clark Atlanta University, little did he know that soon enough a trail of Fairley alumni would soon be following his footsteps, largely due to his mentorship and encouragement.

Clark Atlanta University (CAU) hosts the first HBCU Regional Institute on Digital Learning on July 15–18. This major regional convening of chief academic officers, faculty, and career pathway initiatives directors from more than 30 HBCUs focuses on using digital and adaptive learning solutions and platforms to improve student learning and success
The goal of the HBCU Regional Institute on Digital Learning is to accelerate student learning…

Go to the park on a Sunday afternoon, and you'll probably notice that people of every shape, size, and fitness level are running.

By FCS Twenty-eight kids and a few adults spilled out of vans into the parking lot. They were laughing about swimming in the lake, sharing stories about playing football, showing off their new step moves, and singing songs together. They shared communal joy and memories as they arrived back in Sout

A July 4 fundraiser for Stan ‘Hambone’ Hamrick at the VFW Post July 4 drew a large crowd and raised over $8000 for H

Have you ever eaten something so delicious that you had to lick any remnants from your fingers? Well, giant pandas do that too! Anytime the pandas eat one of their favorite treats like sugarcane or a very juicy piece of fruit, they spend a few minutes licking their paws, arms, chest, and any other places … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Friday, July 13"

By Walter Geiger
‘Sharp Objects’ made its debut on HBO Sunday night and Barnesville, where its eight episodes wer

On April 27, 2016, the European Union Parliament adopted the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) with a scheduled enforcement date of May 25, 2018. Many organizations initially see GDPR as a burden, stopping them from keeping their same old processes in place. They want to pay someone (or for some technology) to make it go away. In reality, GDPR compliance requires a cultural change across the…

On July 8, 2018, with the help of the fell running community of England's Lake District, mountain athlete Kilian Jornet completed the legendary Bob Graham Ro...

Bible study leaders want to do more than simply teach the Bible. We lead our groups because we want to see people transformed by the truths of God’s Word. We want those in our groups to grow in their faith and walk with Christ.

Who doesn’t love ice cream? The first records of this tasty dessert date back to before the Bible was written! Since 1744, Americans have been some of the biggest ice cream fans in the world! Here’s the scoop on the top 20 spots to sit back and enjoy this sweet snack. Bi-Rite Creamery This funky …

Country Kitchen Road will be closed from McCollum Road to Freeman Road beginning Monday, July 16 for repairs to two culv

While exercise injuries are common when first starting out, there are seven simple things you can do to help avoid them with starting a fitness program.

Explore back-to-school shopping trends for 2018 including when and where consumers plan to shop, how much they plan to spend and on what products, how digital technologies will likely influence shopping behavior, and more.

ATLANTA -- Nearly 15 years after last playing for Atlanta, Greg Maddux is still that fun-loving prankster who takes great joy in stirring the pot, often at the playful expense of some of his former Braves teammates. When Maddux and Tom Glavine were inducted into Baseball's Hall of Fame in 2014, they aimed some bald jokes in the direction of John Smoltz, who responded the following year by wearing a wig during his induction speech, which poked fun at Chipper Jones' Twitter usage.

With the summer in full swing, the giant pandas’ behaviors are starting to change. Generally during the summer they tend to eat less and sleep a bit more, and that is exactly what they are starting to do. Their hour-long naps begin to turn into hour and a half or even two-hour-long naps. We are … Continue reading "Panda Updates – Wednesday, July 11"

Atlanta is a college town that offers a unique student demographic and a choice of great schools to attend. One of those schools is a Beulah Heights University, one of the oldest Christian universities in the Southeast. Founded in 1918, the university is located just two miles from downtown in the historic Grant Park…

This year’s alligator season is fast approaching and, with it, the deadline to apply for quota hunts. To enter the quota lottery, you must fill out an application at by 11…

Follow this list to help ensure you've packed all the essentials without over packing for your big move to the college dorms.

The purpose of this calculator is to show what taxes would be at the current millage rate and without SB 485, and then with each of the tax relief options provided by APS. As you walk through the calculator, you can see the various impacts of 1.0 millage roll-back and then the impact of SB 485 the following year on your current taxes. Remember that these are estimates and may not be exactly what you will experience, but we hope that it can…

By Bob Lupton A troubling report issued last month by the Bureau of Justice Statistics revealed that five out of six state prison inmates released back into society were re-arrested, most within three years. Five out of six! Sounds like our prisons have become finishing schools for career crimina

ATLANTA -- Luiz Gohara has the capability to fortify the Braves' bullpen because he can consistently provide multiple-inning appearances in high-leverage situations. But it looks like the talented young southpaw may best fit within Atlanta's rotation coming out of the All-Star break. When Gohara returned from Triple-A Gwinnett last week, he said he was willing to be utilized as either a reliever or a starting pitcher…