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The tit for tat between President Trump and Speaker Pelosi looks like a lot of middle school nonsense, and inspired my cartoon yesterday. I decided to give them a lot of spittle, because the whole thing is a bit slimy.
This is a “pox on both their houses” cartoon, which tend to make everyone mad. Cartoons, like this one, that bash both sides equally, tend to get more reprints from “even handed” editors.

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Visit the Raytheon booth to register for and participate in our challenges. Three lucky winners will receive a personal license to BinaryNinja®. Points will be awarded for successful solutions to our ExploitThis physical challenges, SpotTheBug challenges, Flags found on our challenge cards, and Flags found on our USB Puzzle Board. Each challenge has a point value. Each point provides one…

TOPEKA, Kan. (Jan. 17, 2019) -- During its Annual Meeting today, Sports Car Club of America® announced that Hagerty has signed on to become the Off...

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Judge Stephen Louis A. Dillard was sworn in as the 30th Chief Judge of the Court of Appeals of Georgia on June 21, 2017. After inviting all 10,000 of his Twitter followers to his investiture, as well as family, colleagues, and court personnel, both the Court of Appeals courtroom and Supreme Court courtroom were filled to capacity.
Judge Dillard, a native of Macon, was appointed to the Court of Appeals on November 1, 2010 by Gov. Sonny Perdue.

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EPA News Release: EPA Recognizes Electronics Industry Leaders for Innovative Efforts and Recycling Achievements

Chicago, 8 January 2019: RoomIt by CWT, the global hotel distribution division of Carlson Wagonlit Travel, and SiteMinder, the global hotel guest...

Cision. The News Gods have shown just enough pity to let me avoid writing about more surveys, Dear Reader. We have an honest-to-goodness acquisition: press release service Cision has purchased social media platform Falcon.

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Are you a true holiday cheermeister? To test your knowledge of all things Christmas, this trivia style quiz has 15 questions for you to answer. The person with the fastest time and highest score wins the grand prize!

Rich in color, texture and history, there’s an Oriental-style rug for every room and design style in the house.

Some allergens are more common outdoors, like pollen and mold spores, while others are more common indoors, like dust mites and animal dander. All allergen sources, however, can be present anywhere…

A team has unlocked a decades old mystery about how a critical cellular process called DNA replication is regulated.

By combining Raytheon’s end-to-end systems knowledge and cyber expertise with advanced tools, training and support, the Cyber Mission Forces are ready for anything. Together, we can protect and operationalize every side of cyber
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The foundation for transforming the cyber mission forces
In today’s ever-evolving landscape of constant cyber threats, it’s critical to fully operationalize every side of cyber. This means supporting military operations and…

Innovation thrives when people can collaborate in a trusted manner, leveraging data creatively and freely. This intersection of people interacting with data and technology will also drive cyber risk to all-time highs, according to new insights from Forcepoint researchers and data scientists
In 2019, attackers will stop at nothing to steal our identities, evade detection through new techniques, and bring disruption to our doorsteps. The stakes…

Mauviel manufactures the highest quality copper cookware for professionals, commercial markets, and for regular individuals. Copper and stainless steel heat faster, more evenly, and are easier to clean than most cookware. Mauviel come from a French tradition where specific materials are used for exact outcomes. Pans, skillets, woks, beating bowls...

The 2018 US Farm Bill has now legalized commercial production of hemp. But what is hemp, and why should you care?

Watering roads is expensive, bad for the environment, and doesn't control dust for long, especially on hot, dry days. MinTech chemists developed DustNot Syn ...

The golden Labrador was gifted to the former president by VetDogs following the death of wife Barbara Bush

The people of The United Methodist Church are putting our faith in action by making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.

For a second year in a row, households throughout the United States will be able to experience the excitement and energy of SCCA racing when select National Championship Runoffs events from Sonoma …

An enzyme intended to prevent autoimmune disease can be hijacked and used by some viruses to avoid immune detection. There's also good news. The same team also defined how much viral genetic material is needed to reverse the process and instead activate the immune system against the virus.

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Many soil bacteria are resistant to antibiotics by nature. A new mechanism for regulating that resistance has now been identified. Researchers have described a small RNA molecule that significantly affects antibiotic resistance as well as other processes inside the cell.