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Directed by Fred Zinnemann. With Paul Scofield, Wendy Hiller, Robert Shaw, Leo McKern. The story of Thomas More, who stood up to King Henry VIII when the King rejected the Roman Catholic Church to obtain a divorce and remarry.

Reducing people's exposure to healthcare costs won't necessarily have a huge impact on bankruptcy rates.

Looks like someone tried the old foam insulation trick. It didn't work. It never does.

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After several months of construction, Ecco Buckhead will open its doors on Tuesday, November 13. The second outpost of this Fifth Group restaurant is a departure in design and menu offerings from the original location in Midtown.

Operation Find & Fix was launched in October with an aim to get the defective Takata airbags still out on the road replaced or fixed. The project aims to get the word out about the defective airbags in communities with a high number of older vehicles that also experience high heat and humidity.

Learn how cherries can effectively lower uric acid levels in the blood helping with gout since it's a powerful antioxidant and anti-inflammatory.

Marilyn Clark, was honored at a special ceremony and dedication appropriately on Veteran's Day. Clark, a native of Douglasville, said "There's no place like home and I'm proud to be back."

How do you turn disruption into opportunity? With new thinking. Accenture insights reveal how to transform your thinking and unlock value.

Burpees — the exercise you love to hate. But you're never going to get better at them (or love them any more) if you don't do them (funny how that works).

The antidepressant fluoxetine (Prozac) is ineffective in treating a rare, polio-like disorder that can cause muscle weakness and paralysis in children, researchers are reporting.

Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta has received state approval for its planned 446-bed hospital in Brookhaven
The approval of the certificate-of-need application was announced late last week. The project was not opposed by any other hospital system
The project features additional beds and expanded services that allows Children’s to relocate from Egleston Children’s Hospital, on Clifton Road in Atlanta, to the North Druid Hills property in Brookhaven.…

Questions swirl around the vote tally in Florida, where Gov. Rick Scott has filed lawsuits over the handling of ballots, alleging fraud. The truth is more complicated.

A covert mission apparently went awry on Sunday, leaving one Israeli soldier and at least seven Palestinians dead and setting off a flurry of rocket fire and airstrikes.

The raging California wildfires forced tens of thousands to flee their homes, including many celebrities, who await the fate of their residences.

After the elections, a red-state liberal ponders futility — and against all odds, arrives at hope.

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Canadian teenagers use more marijuana than youths anywhere else in the world. The government hopes legalization will change that.

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In defeat, Gillum was the most successful Democratic nominee ever - now he explains, the task is to count every legal vote that was cast.

A domain name is your website’s location on the internet. It translates the digits that make up your IP address into something catchy that people can remember. Domain names are bought through Domain Name Registrars, companies that manage the reservation of domain names and point them to your website.

Lovable and wonderfully retro, jello salad gets a joyful update with natural touches from fresh clementine juice and pomegranate seeds.

Three raging wildfires have displaced hundreds of thousands of people and destroyed thousands of homes. Here are some charities that are helping victims.

The Global SuperTanker, a converted 747, on Sunday morning joined the aerial firefight against what is now California’s most devastating wildfire.

Two years have passed since the Mexican drug lord Joaquín Guzmán Loera was extradited to New York. His trial begins on Tuesday.

Benedict Cumberbatch's take on 'The Grinch' was a big box-office hit, while moviegoers couldn't get enough of Freddie Mercury and 'Bohemian Rhapsody.'