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It’s the obsessive thoughts.  Or the overwhelming worry.  The sweaty hands and heart palpitations, and even the fear of making small talk at a party are often telltale signs.  Even though you haven’t slept well for days, you still feel way too wired to fall asleep.  It can also manifest itself into chronic...

Specialties: 5Church is a casual, yet refined dining experience within a sophisticated ambiance offering a full bar and weekend brunch Established in 2016. 5Church is a casual, yet refined dining experience within a sophisticated ambiance…

North Carolina officials suspended 13 football players who sold their university-issued sneakers. But their aversion to shoe money does not apply to their own incomes.

Demi Moore and Bruce Willis are coming together to celebrate the birth of their eldest daughter, Rumer. The former couple were captured taking photos at a birthday celebration for the 30-year-old this weekend -- and the photos are too cute!

A former Texas doctor who raped a heavily sedated patient will serve no jail after he was found guilty of the crime Thursday. Shafeeq Sheikh, a former Baylor College of Medicine physician, was sentenced to 10 years' probation Friday, and he must now register as a sex offender.

Videos show Jeffrey Epstein struggling with police officers as he is wrestled to the ground at the airport. He had been told he arrived too late to make his flight.

A New York Times correspondent who has reported on Afghanistan since the 1979 Soviet invasion offers observations on the war that began in 2001.

New research challenges assumptions that some penguins mate for life, and suggests DNA testing is needed to avoid inbred captive populations.

The incident allegedly took place on August 7, the BBC reported on Saturday, and quoted Sandhurst commander Brigadier Bill Wright as saying he had "ordered an investigation by the Royal Military Police," the British Army's police force.

Thomas Markle, the estranged father of Duchess Meghan, is not holding back his thoughts on the royal family. During an interview with British newspaper The Sun published late Friday, Markle, 74, compared his daughter's new royal family to Scientologists.

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By Chloe Brooks Originally published at Trajectory Web Design When it comes to redesigning your website, you may feel at a loss for where to start.

User experience is critical to SEO and to the success of your entire website. Learn which UX principles you should apply for the best SEO performance.

Delighted with the results of their first experience with our design program, Richard and Diane Mayweather are back for more. Thanks to their local H Designer, they were already enjoying a beautifully redone bedroom and dining space - now it was time to bring that level of style to the rest of their Texas home
The Classique Sofa: Formal meets fresh in this elegant, diamond-tufted piece.
To incorporate their love of classic silhouettes, the Mayweathers' H Designer chose our Classique sofa as the…

There are so many aspects of a massage that make it great. There is the calming music, the comfortable massage table, the expertise of your massage therapist, the knowledge that you’re doing great things for your body and mind, and the SMELLS. Whether the scents of the massage oils used by your therapist are noticed by you right away, or they linger in your subconscious,...

At least 30 priests accused of child sex abuse in Pennsylvania went briefly to St. Luke Institute. But some recommendations from staff were ignored.

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Whether performed in a dental office or using a home kit, teeth whitening applications are quite effective for bleaching exterior (extrinsic) stains on enamel surfaces. But what if your discoloration comes from inside the tooth? In this case, extrinsic teeth whitening won’t work — you&rs

Struck with Lou Gehrig’s disease, a Palo Alto man and his wife vow to transcend their circumstances
The disease that will eventually end Jon Ferraiolo’s life showed up first in his throat and his tongue. Recovering from a lingering cold at the time, he attributed his difficulties with swallowing and his slurred speech to that ordinary ailment
But 15 months later, in July 2014, a doctor…

Traveling without his bags made Bill Harley realize that he didn't need so much stuff after all.

In the rom-com "Juliet, Naked," Rose Byrne plays Annie, a character who is “SO not pregnant.” Which made it tricky, because Byrne was six months along.

Wednesday morning, Ingles opened up their new store in Powdersville. Built alongside the existing location, this store is the first of it's kind in the Upstate. It boasts a Starbucks, expanded cafe area, in-house sushi chef and so much more.

Running is so much more than a sport—it's a lifestyle. As such, it comes with its share of nuances that only the equally obsessed can understand.

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