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Musicians Jake Shimabukuro (ukulele) and Jerry Douglas (slide guitar) performed a surprisingly cheerful and jazzy cover of the fairly somber song "Eleanor

Plan 9 from Outer Space is celebrating it's 60th Anniversary, so we decided to do a review! It's also the one year anniversary of Rental Reviews, so we went ...

According to accompanying AC factory records, this Ace Bristol, chassis BEX 274, is an original left-hand-drive export model, completed on April 17, 1957. Originally finished in silver with red leather upholstery and equipped with the 100D engine (numbered 603), this car was shipped to the US and sold new through Hap Dressel's AC Imports Inc. in Arlington, Virginia. Recently discovered after two decades of static storage…

While diving in Falmouth, Cornwall, UK, BBC Earth wildlife presenter Lizzie Daly found herself swimming with an absolutely enormous barrel jellyfish. The

While shooting pictures at the Tangkoko Nature Reserve in Sulawesi, Indonesia, Danish biologist Mogens Trolle captured absolutely adorable video footage

A quartet of ballets are being born this month, but they are not easy births. Four choreographers hand-picked for their diverse styles and artistic sensibilities have three weeks to hone their dance pieces before they are introduced to the world at the 16th annual National Choreographers Initiative on July 27 at the Irvine Barclay Theatre. …

Brown v. Board of Education notwithstanding, Gordon Lecturer Gloria Ladson-Billings describes inequity that is “baked into our society.”

In 1970, Steven Frykholm was working as the in-house graphic designer for the furniture manufacturer Herman Miller, Inc., when a company vice-president stopped by his desk. Every summer, the VP said, Herman Miller hosted a company picnic. Perhaps Frykholm would make up a poster for the event? Frykholm already had a passion for screenprinting, a method of printmaking that lends itself to flat, bold areas of…

Giving your children a 40- to 50-year head start on retirement can pay off for them down the line. Here’s how to set your children up for a steady retirement.

Buy Petco dog boots, shoes, booties & socks to keep your pup's paws safe on hot summer pavement, or cold winter ground. Various sizes & colors in stock.

Come down to SDCC Booth # 4017 and remember tomorrow 9:00 PM in Room 25 ABC our "Happy 45th Birthday" Panel!!! Come get TROMA-TIZED!!!!! #SDCC #TROMA

Nissan has issued a recall for 91,319 units of the 2017-19 Titan pickup truck.

Lloyd Kaufman shows you how to use fan conventions to your advantage in order to promote your project! Check out Troma NOW! watch.troma.com/ Visit the...

The grenade still had the pin in it and was active, according to the Adams County Sheriff's Office.

Buying a home is exciting and comes with obligations new to first-timers.

Can compassionate release laws solve the problem of the nearly 200,000 people aged 55 and older who are incarcerated in America?