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This summer, the USPS seems to be touching on feelings of summer nostalgia with its Frozen Treats Forever stamps. Not only do the stamps feature colorful watercolor depictions of the treats, they are the first stamps from the USPS to touch on a sense that is sure to make mouths water ... scent.

Lifting your loved one or supporting their weight when they walk may seem like a workout in itself, day in and day out. However, there are many reasons you need to go beyond your usual caregiving duties and find a way to truly exercise each day...Read More

Vinyl flooring is the perfect choice for areas that require waterproofing and durability. Browse our amazing collection that beautifully simulates real wood

One out of five Americans say they personally know someone who has been addicted to opioids or prescription painkillers, according to a new report about the economic well-being of U.S. households.

Arlington Heights, IL - Air Movement and Control Association (AMCA) International, Inc., the international authority on Air System Components since 1917, has announced the launch of the AMCA Spec Check mobile app.

What Is It? What Do We Need To Know? What Should We Do? If you don’t know what the GDPR is, and if you’re not ready for it, you’re going to get caught short because this is a legal deadline and it’s coming up fast. The General Data Protection Regulation goes into effect May 25, …

By Maureen Meehan Pennsylvania added four new illnesses to its Medical Marijuana Program’s list of qualifying conditions on Monday, May 14, 2018. One is opioid-use disorder.

INDIANAPOLIS, Ind. - As central Indiana and communities across the country are coping with an opioid abuse crisis, more Hoosiers are making use of various events intended to take expired or unwanted prescription drugs off their hands
According to the Indianapolis office of the Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA), public drug take-back events have collected more than 100 tons pills and other medicines in Indiana since 2010…

ACen in 2018 was lit! This is the first of two cosplay music videos for ACen 2018! This video focuses on outdoor shots in a slow and relaxed pace! Enjoy this...

In oil and gas industry, the benefits of IIoT applications should and are being leveraged to create new value in information about elements of their business that manage existing assets for increased reliability, optimization, supply chains and customer relationships.

The Friday before Memorial Day is designated Don’t Fry Day – a day to raise awareness of sun safety and encourage everyone to take steps to protect their skin. Learn more from the material on this page.

In the digital age, technology is being leveraged by both organisations and adversaries alike; and not a week goes by where we don’t see an innovative array of cyber-attacks targeting critical assets. The wider implications of these attacks from loss of sensitive data, penalties and brand trust are well known. To respond to this new era of hyper-connectivity, virtual crime and hacking, Cyber Security must be prominent on every boardroom agenda.

Looking for a 2017 Ford Expedition XLT located in Schaumburg IL? Ask Bob Rohrman Auto Group about vehicle number 14961479.

Excel Like A Pro Part III This is the final of a three-part series about using Microsoft Excel 2016. It will cover some of the more advanced topics. If you aren’t great with numbers, don’t worry. Excel does the work for you. With the 2016 version of Excel, Microsoft really upped its game. Excel’s easy …

Beloved, your true self is hidden in Christ. God reveals his beautiful truth in the Scriptures. So let’s look at key verses about identity and your responsibility to orient our true self to loving abandonment to God. This article by Donna Hart, PhD appeared first here on her website. Do we think of our lives as immersed in blessing? Ephesians 1:3 says, ... Read More

We were visited by the Canaryville Veterans Riders Association just as we were finishing. CVRA deserves a big thanks for providing help and an escort through...

I asked Nintendo cosplayers at Anime Central 2018 which characters they'd like to see in Smash Bros Switch's roster and some of their answers may surprise yo...

God walks with you in your pain when you feel hurt or abandoned. Do you sometimes doubt His presence? This article by Donna Hart, PhD, brings comfort.

We highlight a sample from the PaperSpecs VIP Sample Box that really stands out: a set of intricately diecut calendars that almost defy logic.

The One Piece Cosplay Meetup at Anime Central 2018 was EPIC! It's always cool to see characters like Luffy, Brook and the Vinsmoke Family in REAL LIFE. Great...

New and Used Car Dealerships in Illinois and Indiana. We're here to help with any automotive needs you may have. Don't forget to check out our used cars.

Managing SharePoint Security can often be complicated. Knowing how, when and where to secure can make all the difference. Understanding the current state of the permissions should be completed regularly, to help keep business data safe and protected.

Bruce Smit, Lorraine O'Kelly and Kathleen Rys talk about feedback after a story about Smit apologizing for bullying them as kids got national attention.

Powerful promises: When hardships happen — and they will — God provides a pathwayfor you to endure them and escape temptation to sin. Let me share several powerful promises in 1 Corinthians 10:13. By Lucy Ann Moll, D.Min. candidate.

Looking for a 2017 Ford Fusion SE located in Schaumburg IL? Ask Bob Rohrman Auto Group about vehicle number 15193875.

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